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“The Lazy Dragon” by Giorgos Hatzipierris comes to the Athens Concert Hall

After 5 slices, 250 million views in the Youtube And great acceptance In Hellas And Cyprushis magical universe Giorgos HatzipieriThe Lazy dragon and the rest of the company will appear in public in Athens for the first time!

Skuluquin, Yatapata, the elephant, the ten crabs, the rooster, the iceman, the fox, the tree and so many others come to his stage Athens Music Hall on Saturday, December 2nd and Sunday, December 3rd, following sold-out performances at the Nicosia International Festival and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

THE Konstantinos RigosWith his unique directorial vision, he will bring the magical world of Lazy Dragon to life Alkinous IoannidisThe Eleni TsaligopoulouThe Rena MorphyThe Yannis Dionysiou, but also the composer himself will bring our special heroes to life with their unique interpretations. With them a children’s choir, two actors-dancers Fotini Mouchtouri And Nikos Gonidisbut also a ten-piece orchestra of top musicians under his direction Giannis Papazachariakis, who also adapted his original arrangements Mario Takousii.

The Lazy Dragon promises a show full of magic, humor, melodies, twists, colors, joy and excitement.

Friends young and old come and celebrate this special moment of our Lazy Dragon together!


A few words from the creator of Lazy Dragon:


“Dear friends,
Years ago I started writing little songs to play for my two young children. At some point I timidly opened the door of my house in Nicosia to them and they found their way and traveled throughout Cyprus and Greece, but also to all parts of the world inhabited by Greeks. They were sung in schools, at parties, on family outings, at sea and in the mountains and became the soundtrack of childhood for many children. And they still run great.

From time to time I had offers to perform from large venues, but due to other commitments I politely declined.

But here came the songs themselves to protest that I had left them alone to wander the streets of the digital universe without ever presenting them live and communicating with their audience.

I couldn’t resist that. My gap and inexperience in live productions was filled by the selection of excellent collaborators and contributors to whom I am grateful. I also thank all of you who have added substance and dragon-ness to the Lazy Dragon over the years.

Happy listening, happy watching, Giorgos Hatzipierris.

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