“The most beautiful body ever found in this place” with Argyris Xafis at the Thision Theater - Wishevoke

“The most beautiful body ever found in this place” with Argyris Xafis at the Thision Theater

«There is nothing more provocative and revolutionary than beauty»

The show was always sold out.The most beautiful body ever found in this place“.

THE Argyris Xafis He plays the leading role in his stormy monologue Joseph Maria Miro Interpretation and revelation of all the characters surrounding the corpse of a teenager.

THE Zoe Xanthopoulos He directs the work of the award-winning Catalan writer and transforms it with the unique performance of Argyris.

The game
Joseph Maria Miró’s award-winning work “The most beautiful body ever found in this place” (BORN Award 2020 and National Drama Award 2022) begins with the footnote “Written for an actor. His gender doesn’t matter. Not even his age. Nor the physique.

A teenager, the prettiest boy in rural Catalonia, is found dead in the middle of nowhere. On the occasion of this event, the pathology of the closed society of a provincial town where nothing ever happens unfolds.

Fatherhood, homophobia, guilty secrets, repressed lives and a song that brings back the most nightmarish memories. What is not said leads to the destruction of the real and existential heroes. Alive and dead, lost in their desires and instincts, trapped in orthodoxy and stereotypical constructions.

How complicit are we really if we remain mere spectators of this cannibalism?

The show
Directed by Zoi .
The music was specially composed for the show by Fotis Siotas.

Translation: Maria Hadjiemmanouil
Director: Zoe Xanthopoulou
Music: Fotis Siotas
Scenography costume design: Vassilis Apostolatos
Performance video: Natassa E. Ioannou
First Deputy Director: Iota Panagi
Second assistant director: Errika Roussou
Photos: Kiki Papadopoulou

Performed by Argyris Xafis

Thursday Friday Saturday at 9:00 p.m
Sunday at 6:00 p.m

Thision Theater
7 Tournavitou, Thisio

Ticket prices:
18€ general admission
15 € reduced

Pre sales: more.com

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