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The musical “The White Rose” in the Choros Theater

Premiere for the musical To Lefko Triantafyllo by Antonis Haniotis and Lambros Komzias on Friday, October 13th at the Choros Theater.The project is inspired by Rusalki*, a legend of Slavic mythology and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many great creators such as Pushkin, Lermontov, Dragomisky, Dvorak and dozens of others. It refers to the souls of prematurely lost women who return to the site of their death to take revenge on those who wronged them.

“White Rose” is a love anthem dedicated to these wronged, wandering souls. The focus of the work is not on betrayed love, such as: takes place in the famous ballet “Giselle”. but the tragic deaths of many young children who were mysteriously murdered by their own mothers in the past. Their souls return years later to the lake where they were murdered to take revenge on the entire local community for the indifference they have shown and continue to show towards their personal drama.

The plot of the play initially maintains a stable, emotional course, which is based on the legend of the Rusalki, but then takes on a strongly dramatic character and develops in many and unexpected directions. Irma, a young girl from Kiev, spends her summer vacation in the village with Raisa, her favorite cousin. There she is confronted with a dark secret and a truth that will fundamentally shake her entire existence…
The questions that the “White Rose” asks are diverse and timeless. With great respect he approaches the essence of the human soul as an eternal dimension and lyrically balances the boundaries of the built and the unbuilt world, without losing contact with earthly reality for a moment.

Written in 2020, the play is set in 19th century Ukraine, but is more relevant than ever. A work with philosophical questions and intense social implications that continue to this day…


Authors: Antonis Haniotis – Lampros Komzias

Music: Antonis Haniotis – Timo Tolki

Text: Antonis Haniotis – Lampros Komzias

Leaded by: Antonis Haniotis

Assistant director / acting director: Dora Baroutakis

Choreographies: Rallou Krini

Teaching choreography: Rallou Krini, Christina Xirokosta, Despina Sotireli

Kinesiology: Iris Liakakou

Clothing: Lily of Pain

Photos, video, trailer: Patroclus Scafidas

Music producer – sound engineering: Vasilis Avrantinis

The soundtrack was recorded at Athens Music Studio. The musicians played: Antonis Haniotis, Vassilis Avrantinis, Valentinos Doulias.

Casting director: Kyriakos Kouroutsavouris

They play, sing and dance on stage (in alphabetical order):
Raphael Aristotelous, Fai-Nefeli Galani, Rebecca Giannaki, Elena Katechi, Melina Koffa, Iris Liakakou, Eleni Lyra, Aipytos Makarounas, Mina Dali, Christina Xirokosta, Argietta Okalidou, Philemon Orkopoulos, Maria Petsori, Nicoleta Polyzoi, Kelia Simou, Valia Filiagou and the teenage music group Western Touches.

Theater roomPraviou 6-8, Botanikos, telephone 2103426736
Show days and times: Friday, Saturday: 9:00 p.m. | Sunday: 8:00 p.m
Duration: 120′
Ticket prices: €15, unemployed, disabled, students: €12, group bookings: €10
Pre sales:
Contact: Irini Lagourou |

Antonis Haniotis & Lambrou Komzias

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