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“The Myth of the Normal” by Gabor Maté

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Gabor Maté explains how Western societies, which pride themselves on their healthcare systems, fail to deal with chronic illness. 70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication, while in Europe, 30% of the population has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. At the same time, more and more young people worldwide are suffering from mental illnesses. So what is really “normal” when it comes to health?

After four decades of clinical experience, Dr. Maté believes the prevailing idea of ​​“normal” is false because it ignores the impact of trauma, stress and modern lifestyles on our health. Despite all the know-how and technological development, Western medicine often fails to address the whole person and ignores how everyday life stresses the body, strains the immune system and affects emotional balance.

Now Dr. Maté offers his own perspective, debunking common myths about what makes us sick and connecting human suffering to the deteriorating state of the societies in which we live. The Physiological Myth is Dr. Gabor Maté – a guide to health and healing, full of compassion and understanding.

You wrote about the book

“Gabor Maté takes us on an epic journey to discover how our emotional and social well-being (in other words, our lifestyle) are closely linked to health, illness and addiction. This captivating, well-written book has profound implications for all aspects of our lives.

— Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD, author of the bestselling book The Body Doesn’t Forget

“Smart, meticulous, and subversive: a spiritual and compassionate examination of who we are and who we can become.” Essential reading for anyone with a past and a future.

—Tara Westover, Author of the bestseller Morfomeni

“Gabor Maté reveals what happens when society as a whole becomes dependent on medication and how we can heal together. The Physiological Myth is a book for today – in fact, it is the most relevant book of all time. Read it and find out why.

— Peter A. LevineAuthor of The Tiger Awakens.

“A poignant analysis of the relationship between illness, trauma and capitalism (…). Maté draws on an impressive body of research to highlight the connection between health and social influences and mind-body interaction.

—Publishers Weekly

Who is Gabor Maté?

Gabor Maté is a doctor, sought-after speaker and author of five international bestsellers on topics such as trauma, distraction, addiction and parenting.

Dr. Maté combines scientific research, real patient stories and personal experiences to present a new perspective that informs and empowers people to help in their own healing. He is a co-founder of the therapy method Compassionate Inquiry, which now trains thousands of doctors and mental health counselors worldwide.

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