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The new book by screenwriter Konstantinas Giachalis

“2004. In an Athens that awaits you with joy Olympic games, who celebrates the national team’s victory at the European Championships and dances “Shake it” with Sakis at Eurovision. An Athens where everything is seething with anticipation that something good will soon be waiting for us, the financial crisis of 2009 is still a long way off and words like pandemic and quarantine are only for science fiction films. In Athens in 2004 we experience a romantic comedy. There is money (or so we thought), there are jobs and opportunities, and when you meet your friends you ask them, “Are you in a relationship?” question that in a few years turns into “Do you have a job?” “will change.

Your new book Konstantinas Giachalis “You never know” published by Armos Publications. Konstantina Giachali works as a screenwriter in television and cinema: (And yet I’m still here, Zaketa nar evi, Don’t start mumbling, Forever children,, Seven deadly mothers-in-law, A liar is wanted, etc.).

He has written plays and was honored at the 2018 National Playwriting Awards for his monologue “Greta.” Her first short story “Microtheft” was included in Parakentro Publications’ “Micro” collection (2019). According to the author herself: “In this wonderful year of 2004, my first play was staged, I wrote “The Cunning Mother-in-Law” for the seven fatal mothers-in-law and I submitted my first TV script, which was approved shortly before filming began, the work began canceled. And the story of Katerina and her company remains in the drawer. The years go by, I write series, plays and films, but Katerina and her company never stop annoying me.

As I learned along the way, when heroes come to life, they won’t leave you alone until you tell their story. And so I begin writing “You Never Know,” the story of Katerina, a member of a group of thirty-somethings living out their lives happily in the (distant) year of 2004.

Katerina, who has a long record of failed to disastrous relationships, decides to delete the word “love” from her life and happily chooses loneliness. But love asks no questions and finds you wherever you hide. He finds Katerina exactly where she was hiding. Your House. A move into the apartment next door and Markos changes her life. And not only. As Katerina commits one stupid thing after another out of fear and her previous bad experiences, her company organizes itself to help her. And by helping Katerina, they also resolve their own love disputes and in the end they will all go to the beach together.

Their story begins in October 2003 and ends in July 2004, the day on which the “Pirate” became European champion and nineteen-year-old Ronaldo burst into tears. Who expected that, right? But that’s how it should be. Despite all odds, 2004 was a year of victory, a year to remember.”

Konstantina Giachali was born in Patras in 1972. She studied at the Theological School of Athens, the Drama School of the Athens Conservatory and the Film Department of the School of Fine Arts at AUTH

The premise of the book

In the distant year of 2004, with the Olympic Games, the European Championships and Shake it at Eurovision, Katerina, with a rich record of failed to disastrous relationships, turned the tables in love, determined not to make the same mistakes again. But love doesn’t ask and finds her exactly where she was hiding: in her house, with her new neighbor, who will serve as a catalyst not only for her, but also for her company. A group of people who were lucky enough to live in a time when we didn’t anxiously ask “Do you have a job?” but “Do you have a wife?”, when life was like an endless party and it There were jobs, money, opportunities and no one could imagine what awaited us.

From an apartment building in Ilisia to the port of Hydra to the celebrations of Greece’s victory at the Euros, Katerina will both fall in love and fear and retreat, and her friends will race to help her avoid making a fool of herself . Whatever he will do, but we will have laughed in the meantime, because if you can’t laugh at fear, you can’t conquer it.
And 2004 was, against all odds, a year of victory.

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