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The new novel by Elena Hatziaalexandrou

The Last item it is the new thing novel her Elena Hatziaalexandrou that circulates from Armos Publications.

A few words about the book
A serious crime shakes the economic circles of Athens shortly before the 2004 Olympic Games. The powerful Paul Sideris is found murdered in his summer home in Sounio. The only suspect is his wife, who is eventually convicted and imprisoned, leaving behind their young daughter. Fifteen years later, the young criminologist Nadia Ventouri reopens Sideri’s file. She soon finds herself caught up in an international spiral that brings priceless works of art onto the market. She goes from hunter to hunted when she learns that the works were stolen during World War II. Will he manage to survive? After all, who was the real murderer of Paul Sideris? How does the case relate to pre-war Thessaloniki and the city’s strong Jewish community? How powerful are the members of the Spiral and what connections do they have to Nazi Germany? A book with a cinematic plot, stormy plot, based on real historical facts.

A few words about Elena Hatziaalexandrou

Elena Hatziaalexandrou was recognized for her film and television productions as well as her successful business career. He completed an MBA in the UK and attended the postgraduate program in film production at the Royal College of Art. She worked as a marketing director at Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow. He then executive produced the films “Safe Sex” by Michalis Reppa and Thanasis Papathanasiou, “Risotto” by Olga Malea and “Roz Olotachos” by Haris Roma and Anna Chatzisofia. She then founded her own audiovisual production company and carried out film productions, for example the films by Reppa – Papathanasiou. “Crying Came from Heaven”, “Strictly Appropriate” and “Oxygono”, which won the FIPRESCI Critics’ Prize, as well as “The Choir of Chariton” by Grigoris Karatinakis, Giorgos Makris, Dimitris Vakis, which was awarded first prize for production quality at Thessaloniki Festival and first prize at the Alexandria Festival. Her television productions include the series “Karamela Family” (ANT1), “Safe Sex TV Stories” (MEGA and Filmnet) and “I Have a Secret”. ” (ALPHA).He also participated in the preparation of the reality show “Extreme Makeover”. At the same time, he served as president and CEO in the areas of tourism and environmental and energy technologies. He is a member and vice president of the Association of Sanitary Waste Management Businesses (SEDYA) and was a member of ΣEB for many years. Her CV was included in the magazines “Marquis Who’s Who in the World” and “Marquis Who’s Who in Finance and Industry”.

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