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The new novel by Menios Sakellaropoulos

The journalist Menios Sakellaropoulos signs his new novel entitled “The Archangel of the Rocks”, which was published by Psychogios Publications.

The premise of the book
Beaches of Mytilini, where the Therio, the sea, devours people and spreads grief and pain. Askan, a doctor from Iran, manages to get out of the wild waves and onto the rocks after seeing his mother and sister drown. Life breaks him apart and throws more problems at him. He sees people treating him like a miasma, a piece of trash to be thrown away. Eurydice, a teacher in the refugee shelters, shows him that there are still people who support the hell on earth. Her father, an atherosclerotic colonel, throws her out of the house because he thinks she’s seducing him with her attitude! Then life stages a story that would amaze even the most unmoved.

A thriller, a mystery with two murders and side by side with soul, humanity, inhumanity, ingratitude, justification, the triumph of life, against the backdrop of the island of Archangelos, Sappho, Elytis, Myrivilis, Theophilos.A hymn to humanity and the stirring power of love, which, like salt, smoothes even the sharpest stones.

A few words about the author

After studying law at the University of Thrace, Menios Sakellaropoulos only dealt with heinous crimes in his novels much later. He was already convinced of journalism, and he suffered from it for 44 years. He started as a high school student in Fos, smelled the ink in the newspapers Vradini, Ethnos, Eletheros Typos, Athletiki, Sportime, Derby, in the magazines Images, Nitro, Active, Epikyra, dived into the airwaves (ERA, Sport FM). , Sentra FM, SPORT 24 ), was on Mega Channel, Open TV and again on Mega. He toured Europe three times and even reached South Africa, with hundreds of reports and thousands of videos, all in his own color. He is a member of ESIEA and PSAT, of which he has received four awards for television topics. He remains a teenager and explosive, he continues to dream, smile, mock and make fun of himself and he believes in… the white day.

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