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The novel “In the Weapons of War” sheds light on the years of Italian occupation

We are in Athens in 1942, under the unbearable shadow of the occupation. Stefanos Galanos, law student and wounded on the Albanian front, does not stop fighting. He joins one of the most important resistance organizations in the city of Athens, “Prometheus”, and also acts as a liaison for the Greek soldier Ioannis Tsigande, who develops intensive resistance actions as part of the Midas 614 organization. At the same time he also meets Katerina Pimondori, the sister of a captain in the Italian Carabinieri, who accompanies her brother to Greece as a translator. As the plot of “Prometheus” grows and moves on a tightrope, the concern for the fate of the protagonists reaches its climax at the same time as the love of the two young people.

In the novel “In the Embrace of War,” author Peter Kallfidas attempts to shed light on the Italian occupation (1941-1943), but also on important historical figures whose deeds may not be known to the general readership. On the pages of the book, in addition to Ioannis Tsigande, we will also meet Lela Karagianni, Panagiotis Kanellopoulos and other people of that time who appear with all their strengths but also their weaknesses.


The heroes move, act, fight and fall in love against the backdrop of the center of Athens, which is vividly described without distracting attention from the action. The uniqueness of the book also lies in the development of the story, as the author designs his protagonists in such a way that we can see their change over time. The historical events emerge with a novel plot in a unique combination of history, action and a lightning-fast love, theoretically unnatural in a time that was anything but normal anyway.

Author: Peter Kalifidas

Memento Publications, 2023, p.: 336

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