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The play “Adam’s Apple” by Pella Soultatou was published

The prose writer Pela Sultatou appears as a playwright with her first independent work “Adam’s apple”after he was involved in anthologies with the works “Amazons always return” and “Horses”.

In the one-act play “The Adam’s Apple”, Eri can be seen preparing, with the help of her mother, to celebrate the last day of her bachelor life, as she will get married the next day against her will Mr. Miltenberger, a wealthy old Swiss man. Eva’s mother is an impressive and noble woman, in contrast to her daughter, who seems devastated by her experiences, disarmed in the shadow of Eva, but also of her three friends.

“Two defining features of the work are that the one-act play draws its inspiration from Fassbinder’s play Bremer Freiheit and that the author has set a “necessary prerequisite” for the playability of her work: the dramatic characters Mother and friends of the heroine, played by the actress herself – the same dominant person with different manifestations, each representing broad social structures in which dominant women control women and children according to the pattern of patriarchal ideology,” says the epimeter of EKPA assistant professor, Katerina Diakoumopoulou.

Who is Pela Sultanatou?

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Pela Soultatou was born in Heraklion, Crete and lives in Athens with her two children. She studied sociology and public health and received a doctorate in education from the University of London. He teaches at universities and works in public administration. He has worked on prose for adults and children.

Their books

• The Lights in the Background, Short Stories, Aopera Publications, 2013

• Encore, novel, Kastaniotis Publications, 2015

• Topsy-turvy Twists, Novel, Kastaniotis Publications, 2019
• The Sea Is Not Blue, Short Stories, Kastaniotis Publications, 2021


• MyHaTi or The Mystery of Lost Television, Pataki Publications, 2019
• Goodnight will say… the night is good, Kedros Publications, 2023

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