The play Jane by Katerina Mavrogeorgis is preparing for its premiere at the Thision Theater - Wishevoke

The play Jane by Katerina Mavrogeorgis is preparing for its premiere at the Thision Theater

The performance “Jane”, inspired by the iconic character of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, will be performed at Thision Theater from March 18, written and directed by Katerina Mavrogeorgis.

Have you heard of Jane Eyre?

Yes, probably yes. She is a well-known heroine of a well-known novel by a well-known Victorian author. Or something like that. Or is it a movie? Or the BBC series? Or maybe an old illustrated classic?

Jane is all of that and more. The author, Charlotte Brodet, secretly conceived and wrote Jane Eyre while working as an author governess. The work was first published in 1847, with a male pseudonym and tells the life of a little orphan girl in an eventful way. Jane is a strangely strong being. Jane is raised without love by her cruel aunt and eventually locked up in a boarding school where she will experience more horrors. As an adult, she graduates from school and finds a job as a governess at Thornfield Tower. She has a fateful, romantic love affair with her employer, Mr. Rochester. But Pyrgos is haunted by a female voice that every now and then sows fire, both figuratively and literally. At a critical moment, the secret of this eerie existence is revealed. The world that Jane knew until then collapses and she has to make a difficult decision.

In the play Jane, the creative team The content of the piece is inspired by the iconic character Charlotte Bronte and her heroine Jane. He tries to explore her again Victorian she Story in a different light. Why is it almost a miracle that Charlotte Brodet’s book has survived to this day? How does a captured troop become a vulture? How does an erased soul transform into an element that, however, persistently weaves the plot of the story? What is the man’s fate and why is he the worst thing ever invented? Why did PJ Harvey come on this show too?

We meet her in the play fresh and strong writing from Katerina Mavrogeorgis He was praised for this and was recently awarded the Eleftheria Sapountzis Prize. With the dramatic contribution of Maria Filini, with humor, tenderness and great curiosity, the play invites us to quench our thirst in a strangely comic and poetic world. A tribute to creativity as the most important survival equipment.

Cast: Nancy Sideri, Dimitris Drosos, Vicky Kyriakoulakou

The information
Thision – a theater for the arts, Tournavitou 7, Thision.
Tel: 21 0325 5444
Duration: 95 minutes
Ticket prices: €18 general admission | 15 € Student, unemployed, over 65, disabled | 12 € group (>=10 people)
Duration of performances: From March 18, 2024
Performances: Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 p.m

Assistant director: Maritina Koutsochioni | ΄B Assistant director: Maria Makri

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Photos: Anastasia Giannaki

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