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The punk rockers Adicts for the first time in Greece

77-82 team presents:

The Addicts / Panx Romana / Vangabonds 77

Live in Kyttaros on Friday, May 5, 2017

The legendary punk rock band from Ipswich, England, celebrates 40 years of active presence in the punk rock scene for the first time in Greece!

Oi addicts With their signature Clockwork Orange “Droog” style that made them famous in the early 80s, with over ten studio albums under their belt and with their new record “coming” in 2017, they are gearing up for an unforgettable set, this will take place for the first time in front of the Athenian audience.

Their live shows are unique and the party they throw on stage has made them a unique rock and roll act, performing at the biggest punk rock festivals in the world!

As part of their “Begging Of The End And It Was So 2017” tour, which ends with their performance at the unique punk rock bowling festival in Las Vegas, the Adicts are making a stopover in Athens on 5/5/17 in the Cell Liveand they will perform for the first time in front of their Greek fans tracks like “Let’s Go”, “Viva La Revolution”, “Numbers”, “Songs Of Praise”, “Joker In The Pack” and many more!

With them the most legendary Greek punk band, Roman Panx Their shows across the country are sold out! In May they will hopefully celebrate their 35th anniversary, during which time they will have released six albums and performed in many clubs. As always, there is panic when the tracks “Synargemos”, “Radio Occupy”, “Greeks”, “Holidays In Khaki”, “Kratos Kleiston” and “Rock N’ Roll Help” are heard.

This great music event is opened by the youngest The Vagabonds 77 but musically quite mature, having shared the stage a few times in the last few years with big names like Infa Riot, Angelic Upstarts, Restarts, GBH, Abrasive Wheels etc.

So get ready for a punk rock show that will make history!!

Ticket prices

Limited early bird discount: 18 // Pre sales: 21 // Doors: 25

Tickets are sold in advance at the address Bouka – Solomou 29 in Exarchia.
at Uncle Chronis Tattoo – L. Mesogeion 248 in Holargos
at Big Mouth – 8 Gyftopoulou Street, Chalandri &
at Bate Skyloi – 61 Olympou, Thessaloniki.

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