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The Samcro Festival made history!

Last Friday, that Rockingwith the valuable contribution of his long-time partner, Dimitris Barbapresented to the public the first Greek festival dedicated to the music of the popular series “Sons of Anarchy”which gathered rock audiences everywhere.

After the great experience we all had at the historical site of Kyttaros, Rocking would like to sincerely thank all the bands and musicians who took part in the festival for their spectacular performance, everyone who helped organize the event with their experience, and everyone else that they worked tirelessly on during the hours that this sold-out rock festival lasted. We would also like to thank the Kyttaros team for the excellent cooperation, professionalism and good atmosphere throughout the festival.

Finally, a big “thank you” to all of you, whose support and participation are also responsible for making the evening an unforgettable one for all of us.

Despite our efforts to maintain “humane” conditions at the venue sold outthey paid off and the event was generally a resounding success, raising high expectations for the quality of future domestic events in the genre.

We are proud that we managed to present an event with character, respect for the audience and participants and many hours of good music from all genres of rock, exactly as we imagined it would be a few months ago Preparations for the Samcro Festival began.

For those who did not manage to be at the festival, we would like to inform you that the entire concert was recorded on video, so that part of the performances of all bands as well as the joint encore will soon be available to the public in high quality become video. There will also be plenty of photo material available throughout the week – stay tuned!

Samcro Festival

Samcro Festival: A live tribute to “Sons Of Anarchy”

Live acts (Alphabetical):
4Bitten – Bad Moon Rising – Black Lioness – Drunken Gramophone – Galliard Syndrome – Illusory – Mr. Highway Band – Restless Ocean – Sober On Tuxedos – SoundtrucK – Voice Box (vocal group)

Guests of honor (Alphabetical):
Dionisis Kladis (Vice Versa) – Stelios Teselecta Pavlou (Sorrowful Angels, etc.) – Tony Venieris (Danger Angel) – Antonis Vlachos (3Fold Pain)

Music editing, production manager: Dimitris Barbas

Samcro Festival – Full Setlist (in order of appearance):

Restless ocean
1. Αdam Raised A Cain – Bruce Springsteen
2. Lucky Son – Creedence
3. Machine Gun Blues – Social Distortion

Evil moonrise
1. Cold Blues – Quaker City Night Hawks
2. All Along The Watchtower – Billy Valentine
3. Gypsy – Jonathan Clay
4. All My Kinfolk – Beitthemeans
5. The day is over – Noah Gundersen and the Forest Rangers

Black lioness
1. Higher Ground – Franky Perez and the Forest Rangers/Stevie Wonder
2. Keep Me – The Black Keys
3. God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johny Cash
4. Son of a Preacher – Katey Sagal
5. Your Man – The Dim Dicta
6. Hey Hey My My/Battleme – Neil Young
7. I want your love – Toadies

Drunk gramophone
1. Hard Row – The Black Keys
2. Dad’s Gonna Kill Me – Richard Thompson
3. Ain’t No Grave – Johnny Cash
4. I’m Tired – Boo Boo Davis
5. Sitting On Top Of The World – Chris Goss & The Forest Rangers
6. The Basement – ​​Drunken Gramophone

Galliard syndrome
1. Lost Boy – Greg Holden
2. Make It Rain – Ed Sheeran
3. Soldier Eyes – Jack Savoretti
4. Velvet Rings – Galliard Syndrome
5. Higher Ground – Franky Perez (with Tony Venieris)

Mr Highway Band
1. Hit The Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
2.The Whistler – White Buffalo
3. The River And The Town – Mr.Highway Band

1. The House of the Rising Sun – The White Buffalo
2. Gimme Shelter – Paul Brady & The Forest Rangers
3. I’m Eighteen – Scott Shriner & The Forest Rangers
4. No Milk – Joshua James & The Forest Rangers
5. Turn the Page – Bob Seger
6. Pale Moonlight – Illusion

1. Miles Away – The Forests Rangers
2. Northland Girls – Lions
3. Mind Your Manners – Pearl Jam
4. Save my soul – 4Requests

Sober in a tuxedo
1. Righteous Smoke – Monster Truck
2. Slip Kid – (Anvil & Franky Perez) The Who
3. Step Up – Meylene N The Sons Of Disaster
4. Whorehouse Blues – Motörhead
5th result – Sober in a tuxedo
6. Encore

Dionisis Kladis (acoustic performance)
1. Oh darling, what have I done – White Buffalo
2. Slipping away – Barcelona
3. Sympathy for the Devil – Jane’s Addiction
4. Come Undone – vice versa

Sound truck
1. This life
2. Keep rolling
3. Cut loosely
4. Without a trace
5. Bad company
6. Six-shot gun
7. Straight to hell

Encore (with voice box)
1. John the Revelator
2. Aquarius/Let The Sunshine
3. Bohemian Rhapsody
4. Come see The Murder

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