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“The Sea and the Old Man” with Tasos Noussia on summer tour

Dimitris Fotopoulos IKE Theater Productions presents their new production “The Sea and the Old Man” to be performed this summer in selected theaters across Greece, adapted and directed by Marlene Kaminksi, based on Ernest Hemingway’s masterpiece “The Old Man and the Sea”.

Plays the main role Tasos Nousias.


The Sea and the Old Man is an adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s classic Pulitzer Prize-winning work The Old Man and the Sea, for which he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. This work is one of the masterpieces of world literature and is compared to Homer’s epic.

It describes the story of a fisherman, Santiago – played by Tasos Nousias – and his journey to the unexplored and vast sea. His epic encounter with a magnificent blue marlin, which the hero managed to catch after 84 days without any fish. The fish is very strong, Santiago fails to kill it and it gets stuck on his line, which drags him and his small boat deeper and deeper into the sea for three days and three nights.

Santiago finally manages to kill the fish, but because it is too big to fit in the boat, he ties it to the side. On the way back, sharks attack him and eat all the flesh of the huge fish. Beneath this simple story lies a world of symbolism and metaphor for the search for meaning, the endurance of the human spirit, and man’s conflicted relationship with the natural environment.

Manolino, played by Vassilis Milionis, is Santiago’s devoted young apprentice. Since his father no longer allows him to go fishing with Santiago, Manolino can only visit him at sea in his day and night dreams, thus establishing the connection between memory, present and future.

Hemingway wrote the story in 1951 and Marlene Kaminksi brings it to our modern times. On the occasion of the title, the figure of the sea was added, performed by the dancer Phaedra Soutou and with her voice by Evelyn Assouad.

“The emergence of the self into the wilderness is an escape from security and the atrophy of mind that security produces. It serves to liberate the human spirit and in this process man becomes part of the deep harmony of the natural universe.”

Leo Gourko “The Heroic Impulse in The Old Man and the Sea”



As I read the story from the perspective of the industrialized and modern environment of the 21st century, I was reminded of the primal struggle and harmony between man and nature. Once one has learned to work with and within nature rather than trying to conquer and destroy it, there are no limits to a true understanding of its secrets. The fate of humans cannot be separated from the fate of the oceans.

But 70 years into history, direct and indirect human impacts have damaged the health of the oceans, which in turn impacts life on land. By combining text with dance and 3D animation projections, I would like to invite the audience to immerse themselves in a holistic stage universe where they can remember our inescapable and enigmatic connection with nature.

In the words of Lmi Ponifasio (Samoan theater director and choreographer): “It is not possible to change human behavior without revising our spirituality.”

We cannot just hope that we can prevent the climate emergency and anthropogenic destruction of natural habitats and biodiversity only through the use of technology, spending money and setting policies.

As artists, it is our duty to find ways to improve the quality of how people feel, hear, see and touch the world. What role do we play on earth?

We are part of the processes on Earth and these processes took place long before us and will continue to take place long after we die.



Based on the play “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway

Idea, adaptation, dramaturgy: Marlene Kaminksi
Adaptation translation, dramaturgy assistant: Natasa Petropoulou
Director: Marlene Kaminksi
3D animation design / video mapping: Yiannis Doussiopoulos
Music: Stavros Tsoumanis
Lighting design: Alice Danezi Knutsen
Scenography costumes:
Angelina Papachatzaki, Marlene Kaminksi
Assistant director: Natasha Petropoulou
Marionette construction: Myrto Kosmopoulou
Trailer: Alexis Falantas
Advertising photos: Fani Maria Hatzi
Contact: Irini Lagourou
Production organization: Efthymis Christou
Travel organization:
THEATER ART SOCIETY EE-Sakis & Fotis Manafis

Production: Dimitris Fotopoulos Theatrical Productions IKE


Santiago: Tasos Nousias
Manolino: Vassilis Milionis
Sea: Phaedra Soutou

Evelyn Assouad’s voice can be heard

The show will premiere on June 25th at the BEAKIO THEATER in Piraeus and will then be shown in selected theaters across Greece.


Start: 9.30 p.m. Duration: 75′

Ticket prices:
17 € (students, unemployed, disabled, disabled actors)
20 € (normal entry)
EARLY BIRD (for a limited number of tickets): €15

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