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The shortlists of the most popular books have been announced

Sponsored Content There are some books where every page is our vehicle to transport us to new worlds full of emotions, shocking events and characters that captivate us. In the end, we may have changed as we have traveled through time and been to far away places, whether real or imagined. They are the books we keep in our hearts and we often return to them to rediscover what defined us. For the tenth year in a row, the Public Book Awards give us the opportunity to vote for those who stand out, showing our love for what we loved over the past year. So far with more than 100,000 votes The first phase of the Public Book Awards is over! Readers created this year’s favorites lists, highlighting the books that changed them over the past year and enabled them to journey into a more magical everyday life!

The second and final phase of reader voting started on June 5th and lasts until June 19thThen the final winners will be announced. Readers can visit the microsite www.publicbookawards.grto vote for their favorite titles in each category identified in the first phase of voting and highlight the most popular books. At the same time, the procedure for selecting the winners of the institution’s special prizes is also underway.

This year’s winners will be announced on June 29th in the

The shortlist with the titles of the books as they were published in alphabetical order

Until then, readers can vote for the main winner in each category June 19, 2023:

1. Greek novel
• As stated, Vana Vourtsaki, Hydroplano Publications

• Ten Points of Black Snow, Panos Niavis, Armos Publications

• Trojan Horse, Kostas Krommidas, Dioptra Publications
• The Children of the Mist, Nena Zisi, Enalios-Oceanos Publications
• My heart is your weapon, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Armos Publications

• Agia Thalassa, Panagiotis Nannos, Pedio Publications
• The Clean Ones, Francesca Mangel, Minoas Publications
• Hearty. A Different Kind of Happiness, Rena Rossi-Zairi, Psychogios Publications
• Loves in the background, Nikos Papandreou, Kastaniotis Publications
• This Night Lasts, Thanos Alexandris, Kaktos Publications

2. Translated novel
• It Starts With Us, Colleen Hoover, Dioptra Publications
• People who love books, Dioptra Publications
• Love Your Life, Sophie Kinsella, Psychogios Publications
• Critics, Oguz Atay, Gutenberg Publications
• Memories of a Girl, Annie Ernaux, Metaichmio Publications
• Atlas Six, Olivia Blake, Dioptra Publications
• We begin at the end, Chris Whitaker, Metaichmio Publications
• Other Lives, Abdulrazac Gurnah, Psychogios Publications
• Twisted Love, Ana Huang, Kleidaritmos Publications
• Billy Summers, Stephen King, Keydarithms Publications

3. Greek short story
• Mechananthropoi, Yannis Siderakis, Brainfood Publishing
• It’s about chemistry, Vangelis Nastos, Bell Publications
• Three Eighteen, Thrasos Kaminakis, Kastaniotis Publications
• The Intermediaries, Maria A. Ioannou, Nefeli Publications
• The Void, Georgia Tsoukalochoritis, Alexandria Publications
• Masterpiece: Mainly the Writings, Chronicle Publications
• Get Away from the Balcony, Melissa Stoili, Kichli Publications
• Apnoia, Nikos Kourmoulis, Keimena Publications
• Lycochavia and other stories, Kostas Barbatsis, Kedros Publications
• Hotels, Miltos Paschalidis, Alexandria Publications

4. Greek non-fiction
• Archeology, my love… come and get me from here, Theodoros Papakostas, Key Books Publications
• Truths and lies about capitalism. 1 On the Imperialist War, Ideological Committee of the Central Committee of the KNE, Modern Era Publications
• There is a myth for everything, Konstantinos Loukopoulos, Kaktos Publications
• Black Mirror – The black mirror of digitality, Kastaniotis Publications
• Current Affairs 2021-2022, Christos Papanikos, Minoas Publications
• Phoboglossa/ Phoboglossa, Nicoletta Tsitsanoudi-Mallidis, Kastaniotis Publications
• Beloved Quarrels, Pedio Publications
• Public Policy and Public Problems, Nikos Michalopoulos, Papazisi Publications
• Propaganda and Disinformation, Aris Hadjistefanou, Topos Publications
• The Backstage of Greek Cinema, Makis Delaportas, Ankara Publications

5. Greek modern poetry
• Do you love me; He wants to think, Dionysia Karahaliou, Dianoia Publications
• Oil painter Giorgos Pissanis, Iolkos Publications
• Meteoric Epoch, Loukas Anagnostopoulos, Graphima Publications
• Every Stone That Wants to Claim Me, Niki Papatheocharis, I. Sideris Publications
• Here and Now, Lefteris Manolas, Papazisi Publications
• Waves of My Soul, Lefteris Zambetakis, Dioptra Publications
• Cyborg Sapiens, Dimitris Orfanidis, Elcistis Publications
• Almost Tomorrow, Dinos Siotis, Kastaniotis Publications
• For the Unknown Massacres, Thanasis Triaridis, Gutenberg Publications
• Drakodonti, Chainis D. Apostolakis, Kastaniotis Publications

6. Greek children’s literature
• The Embrace That Growed, Marios Mazaris, Papadopoulos Publications
• Happy Birthday, Apostolos Kavaliotis, Papazisi Publications
• Tyrinus, the Thief of Fears, Nikolas Smyrnakis, Dioptra Publications
• Adventures in the Kitchen with Paris: Recipes for Little Hands, Eleni Katsouli, Metaichmio Publications
• The Tree That Wanted to Travel, Alexandra Merianou, Kaktos Publications
• The Fuzz of Happiness, Iota Marini, Dioptra Publications
• With a blanket… in space, Christina Konstantoudaki, Dioptra Publications
• Two different worlds, one strong friendship, P. Athanasios Karantaidis, Tyra Publications
• The Experiments of Mr. Chem, Dimitris Kouloumasis, Kleidaritmos Publications
• The Journey of the Drop, Niki Evelpidou, Greek publisher

7. Greek youth literature
• Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing, Vera Pratikakis, Psychogios Publications
• Wild Ducks – Second Dream: the Rebellion, Giorgos Hatzopoulos, Pataki Publications
• Theseus for a Week, Pamos Ioannidis, Kedros Publications
• The Island of Rain, Danae Dragonea, Livani Publications
• Friendship with the Scent of Lavender, Anastasia Xenophontos, Pataki Publications
• Rosa Parks. For a Place in the World, Chrysanthi Tsiambalis, Psychogios Publications
• The Girl Who Didn’t Remember When She Wore the Armor, Maya Delivoria, Kedros Publications
• With Eyes Closed, Angeliki Darlasi, Metaichmio Publications
• Are we playing a book? How to Make Children Love Reading (AGES 9-12), Vicky Xanthopoulou, Papadopoulos Publications
• Penelope on Chios, Kostas Stoforos, Kedros Publications

8. Ev Zin
• Green Cookbook, Madame Ginger, Minoas Publications
• Everything is Thoughts, Eleftherios G. Eleftheriadis, Psychogios Publications
• Reach from the ground up where you can’t reach, Panagiotis Fassas, Hibiscus Publications
• Adult Activity Book #2, Geography is Very Cool!, Dioptra Publications
• Yes, Stefanos Xenakis, Key Books Publications
• Live. After all, are we afraid to die or live? Patir Livios, Psychogios Publications
• Valsamos, Andreas Konanos, Psychogios Publications
• Recipe – Cooking & Health, Iakovos Apergis, Kalenti Publications
• The Three Failures, Nikos Giannakopoulos, Hibiscus Publications
• You have the brushes, Giorgos Pratanos, Dioptra Publications

In addition to the audience awards, the jury members will also select the winners in the following categories:

1. Imprint of the award publication:
This category highlights the publisher who, through their work over the past year, has created their own publishing imprint. The category includes all publishers that participate in the Public Book Awards 2023 and continue their publishing activities to this day. The winners of this category will be selected by the members of the jury, whose names will be announced after completion and announcement of the winners for reasons of transparency.

2. Public Bookstore Awards:
And this year the “Public Bookstore Award” will be presented for the 10th time and will be voted on by the booksellers in the public stores. There are two subcategories in this category:
• Bookstores’ Public Greek Novel Prize
• Public Greek Children’s Book Prize of Bookstores

The biggest book celebration continues, waiting for readers to vote for the book that changed them!

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