The show “A Sea Separates Us” is organized by the Prometheus – KULTUR association - Wishevoke

The show “A Sea Separates Us” is organized by the Prometheus – KULTUR association

from “The Other View.”

The show "A sea separates us" is uploaded by the Prometheus Association

The cultural association “Prometheus” will perform the theater performance “A Sea Separates Us” in Stegi on Sunday, March 31st.

Hours Performances: 6 and 9 p.m

Financial support: €7

A few words from the author…

“…In 2009 I decided to write a “different” piece. A play that does not rehash the well-known story of the disaster, a play that looks at the same events from a different perspective. Unfortunately, those who do have been left behind. The central axis of “A SEA SEPARATES US” is the story of Sebasti, a true story of my grandmother’s sister.

…But beyond the genocide of the Greeks of Asia Minor in 1922, I wanted to talk about the different masks that Eros wears in this work. From the ideal reciprocity to the insecurity of the unfulfilled to the carnal attraction and the love that sometimes changes over the years.


Text: Antonis Papadopoulos

Original music: George Komnas

Lyrics: Antonis Papadopoulos

Director: Dionysis Karolidis

Scenography: Damianos Economidis

Poster: Damianos Economidis

Program editor: Dionysis Karolidis, Efi Karafola


Marigi: Katia Koupidou

Dimitros: Dionysis Karolidis

Respected: Gogo Bugarcic

Stasa: Isaia Kotridou

Kiss: Sofia Gotsi

Anezi: Evi Adamidou

Emerald: Efi Carafola

Vangelis: Antonis Karolidis

Postman: Damianos Oikonomidis

Fantaros: Giorgos Tsachouridis

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