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The songs of the week (01/21/22)

And this Friday the editors came to see us the new songs that were recently released that deserve your time and attention and present it to you.

This is the post that has become the “meeting point” for those of you who are constantly looking for new and worthwhile suggestions.

As always on this list You won’t find any boring stuff or paid options but only what we felt.

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In our last one Article They had declared winners the muses And “Will not resign”!

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Bomber – Zarathustra


Timeless hard rock on the edge of classic metal with the right playing and great vocal lines. The Swedes’ full-length debut is awaited with great interest.

Thodoris Xouridas

Crass & 65daysofstatic – Women (Remix)

Crass and static for 65 days

Or how to bring a manifesto from the late 70s into the present without changing its core. The lyrics hit home just like they did back then. The electronics fit together incredibly perfectly. Scream because we are lost.

Antonis Marinis

Death Knell – The Ladder

Death knell

Inspired doom with chunky melodies and atmospheric vocals from Lauren Gaynor through “A Nocturnal Crossing,” out February 25th.

Alkis Korovesis

Dee Snider, Mike Portnoy, Eddie Ojeda and Rudy Sarzo – subject for an imaginary western

Dee Snider, Mike Portnoy, Eddie Ojeda and Rudy Sarzo

In one of Mountain’s most distinctive songs with enormous dynamics but fundamentally atmospheric character, Dee Snider delivers a magnificent performance of life.

Thodoris Xouridas

Falls Of Rauros – Clarity

Rauros waterfalls

Melancholy, clarity, bittersweet melodies and a climax that conveys existential dread. American blacks are returning and refusing to follow the beaten path, raising expectations.

Apostoli Zambaras

Ghost – Call me little sunshine


Do you think Ghost is overpriced and don’t understand the hype? Good luck to them as they continue to conquer the world! Tobias knows what he’s doing and, above all, he knows how to write great songs. Such a thing.

Christos Karadimitris

Hammerfall – Adore me

Hammer blow

How it happened “(We make) Swedish rock”Hammerfall does an admirable job of honoring the legacy of metal music. Stormy and dramatic, with wonderful melodies, a great beat and a brilliant lyrical idea, “Venerate Me” gets a special added value thanks to the perfectly coordinated vocals of the great King Diamond.

Thodoris Xouridas

Son House – Empire State Express

son's house

“I’ll tell you what’s the point of that old move. Take your wife away and shoot black smoke back at you.”
Trains, women and blues. An unforgettable combination reinforced by the importance of the specific recordings of the legendary Son House – first after his re-emergence on the music scene in 1964 – and the production of Dan Auerbach. And yes, that’s the song Rory Gallager covered on Fresh Evidence many years ago. “

Antonis Moustakas

Star One – Revel in time

Star One

Brandon Yeagley from Crobot is one of the top 5 best rock singers of all time. Arjen discovered it and “Revel In Time” seems to fit it perfectly. Add beautiful guitars from Adrian Vandenberg and it gets even better.

Christos Karadimitris

The Halo Effect – Feel What I Believe

The halo effect

The first taste of the new band consisting of Stanne, Stromblad, Engelin, Iwers and Svensson was more in line with the everyday life of the charismatic frontman. However, what we’ve been waiting for, a sort of In Flames revival, is fully reflected in the guitar work on “Feel What I Believe.”

Alkis Korovesis

Voyager – dreamer


The Australian proggers dance and pack for the Eurovision Song Contest and apply to represent their country in the music competition.

Nikos Katapidis

Venator – Manic man


The Austrians hold strong paper in their hands. They were also baptized into 80s metal, with a charismatic singer reinterpreting the already addictive compositions. The best blew their noses at the beginning of the year this year.

Panos Zarkadoulas

Zeal & Ardor – Church Burns

Zeal and enthusiasm

The provocative “Church Burns” seems to be one of the most interesting tracks on this year’s long-awaited album from the Swiss. It gives more weight to the soul side of the band, but the combination with the metal outbursts makes it special.

Alkis Korovesis

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