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The songs of the week (02.11.22)

And this Friday the editors came to see us the new songs that were recently released that deserve your time and attention and present it to you.

This is the post that has become the “meeting point” for those of you who are constantly looking for new and worthwhile suggestions.

As always on this list You won’t find any boring stuff or paid options but only what we felt.

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In our last one Article You had declared them victorious Foster mother and that Twin Temple after “Redeemer” And “Let’s have a satanic orgy” respectively!

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Aeviterne – The haggard sky


I doubt you’ve heard many better death metal tracks this year. If you can call it that. Post-punk aesthetics and industrial approaches meet tech black/death disharmonies in an uncanny coexistence. Don’t forget her.

Apostoli Zambaras

Cancer Bats – Psychic Jailbreak

Crayfish bats

Pissed off. Vavouriariki. Sweaty. Bulky. Full of voices and energy. The foursome’s return ticks all the boxes of its edgy core. The sequel in April.

Antonis Marinis

Dalek – Decimation (Dis Nation)


The duo’s experimental hip-hop remains calm but always on the right track, no matter how many years pass. The first sample of their record comeback is a reminder of why the coexistence of urban melancholy and lyrical honesty has made them the guilty pleasure of those who seek the avant-garde in the extreme.

Apostoli Zambaras

Eight Bells – The Fountain

Eight bells

Opening with deep, atmospheric soundscapes reminiscent of the glory days of the ’90s, the eleven-minute “The Well” brings things full circle around Eight Bells’ doom experiments and the aesthetic of their upcoming third album.

Antonis Kalamoutsos

Emily Jane White – Show Me War

Emily Jane White

A vocal line that opens eyes after touching hearts. A dark neofolk aura that reflects righteous cries of equality. An artist preparing to continue the record breaking streak. A song that dispels fear after suffering trauma.

Apostoli Zambaras

Eric Wagner – In the lonely light of grief

Eric Wagner

Creepy and, as always, ready for the end, the great interpreter and lyricist, in his absence, prepares us for a finale similar to his rich discography. You feel it from the beginning, even though it’s very reminiscent of Metallica’s “One”, you finally understand it when Victor Griffin’s Solara explodes.

Thodoris Xouridas

Famyne – For my sins


“For My Sins” is a godsend falling on the unsuspecting minds of followers of traditional doom metal. Weight, melody, heavenly vocals, atmosphere, excellent production: the British doomsters’ second album promises rabbits with Petrellas…

Antonis Kalamoutsos

Hydra – prophetic dreams


They were also sold out. Field oh oh in a synth-heavy Dustoner chorus? Don’t you think about your fans? Nice for you.

Panos Zarkadoulas

Jack White – Fear Of The Dawn

Jack White

Two minutes is more than enough. Riffara, rage in coupes, solars, no chorus. Yes, the blues is alive and well in the 21st century. We’re releasing a big album in less than two months.

Thodoris Xouridas

Mogwai – The Reach


A short film with a different soundtrack. The name “The Reach” is derived from the Scottish single malt of the same name. The sound is somewhere between “As The Love Continues” and the Glasgow band’s cinema releases. In a very good way.

Antonis Marinis

Nornes – Days of Pearly Spencer


You’ve heard the original somewhere. The French present their version of Doom and the term cover finally makes sense.

Panos Zarkadoulas

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Black Summer

red hot chili peppers

Frusciante is back and it’s like the puzzle is complete again. Classic RHCP track, rhythm section, solo, vocals – the complete package that’s been missing lately. The future is already looking sunnier

Dimitris Mousidis

Vain – opponent


Revolutionary, epic and melodic. Vanum’s Black Metal is possessed of a dusty glamor that effortlessly finds its target. Three years was a long time. The return worthy of the void they left behind.

Apostoli Zambaras

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