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The songs of the week (02/18/22)

And this Friday the editors came to see us the new songs that were recently released that deserve your time and attention and present it to you.

This is the post that has become the “meeting point” for those of you who are constantly looking for new and worthwhile suggestions.

As always on this list You won’t find any boring stuff or paid options but only what we felt.

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Amon Amarth – Put your back in the wheel

Amon Amarth

A Viking’s best friend is an oar. And then the axe. I expect new choreographies from people in their lives.

Panos Zarkadoulas

Animals as leaders – Gordian nothingness

Animals as leaders

An oriental, menacing melody that dances on paranoid rhythms. “Animals As Leaders” are now playing on their own with the sound they made and they never stop raising doubts about whether they are even aliens or not.

Nikos Katapidis

Audrey Horne – Devil’s Bell

Audrey Horne

Coming from the early days of Maiden and at the same time relevant, the first song from the comeback album of the Norwegian hard rockers once again confirms the always high expectations. Great instrumental sound, inspired yet understated playing, irresistible catchiness and great vocal lines from Toschie result in a final result that drives anticipation to the skies.

Thodoris Xouridas

Vogelstein – crazy


Where does blues end and stoner heavy rock begin? French band Birdstone have found their answer and their upcoming second album will deliver even more electric magic.

Antonis Kalamoutsos

Chalk hands – Days go by and they no longer look like me

Chalk hands

Brighton may often be sunny, but Chalk Hands’ debut promises to be rainy. This hints at this short post-hardcore dynamite and we’re looking forward to it.

Antonis Kalamoutsos

Chubby & The Gang – Who Loves Ya (Coup d’état)

Chubby & The Gang

Simple riff and drum beats to get you moving. An old-fashioned tune that will take you back to the 60s. Texts that are remembered in their graphic simplicity because of their pronunciation. The British still consciously fall into clichés and yet I don’t want it or anything else anymore.

Apostoli Zambaras

The Crystal Method – Post Punk (feat. Iggy Pop)

The crystal method

The veterans of the electronic scene are back with a new record and as a preview they have decided to unveil their collaboration with Iggy Pop. His statements from Jarmusch’s famous “Gimme Shelter” are mixed with a great beat and tight production and the result sounds amazing. “I don’t want to be part of any of them.”

Apostoli Zambaras

Fontaines DC – I love you

DC Fountain

What was suggested to be an atmospheric, melancholic composition gradually turns into an impulsive stream of outward anger. Targeted lyrics, great musical climax, look that shines. Unstoppable.

Apostoli Zambaras

Inclination – A decision


You release a new single and from the start it seems like the meaning is clear. But when Savitskis (One Step Closer) and Busseys (Magnitude) appear, the composition takes a particularly dramatic turn. Melodic hardcore at its best.

Apostoli Zambaras

Jason Richardson & Luke Holland – Upside Down (feat. Tim Henson)

Jason Richardson and Luke Holland

The new generation of guitar heroes is here, raising the bar of craftsmanship while still managing to create instrumental pieces with substance and meaning.

Nikos Katapidis

Lucifer – iron shackles


The intro shows what’s to come, a heavy metal anthem, screaming like Jon Oliva in 1987. Dark at the same time, while Mercyful Fate teaches and the organ plays a leading role. If there is still a term in metal, Lucifer is its face.

Panos Zarkadoulas

Nazareth – Strange Days


Forget the Nazareth you knew or remembered. Led by Carl Sentance, the quartet deliver fast-paced contemporary hard rock with a hugely catchy chorus that you’ll want to hear again and again, announcing a thunderous presence ahead of their 25th album, a full 54 years after forming in Dunfermline.

Thodoris Xouridas

Romero – Turn it on!


Just four minutes of fun. With disco ball, double guitars, cowbell and Debbie Harry’s long-lost Australian granddaughter behind the microphone. And some more cowbell. Why so?

Antonis Marinis

Alberta’s Rural Advantage – CANDU

Alberta's rural advantage

In the first song of their new double single, the Canadians once again impress with their usual percussive folk style, which wonderfully combines dynamics and sensitivity and creates images and emotions with characteristic ease.

Thodoris Xouridas

Thunder – The Western Sky


Although they speak of western heaven, the great British hard rockers flirt heavily with the sunrise in riffs and solara in the first song of their upcoming double album and, guided by the irresistible groove and excellent vocal lines of Danny Bowes, give us an impressive single that any up-and-coming act would envy.

Thodoris Xouridas

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