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The songs of the week (02/25/22)

And this Friday the editors came to see us the new songs that were recently released that deserve your time and attention and present it to you.

This is the post that has become the “meeting point” for those of you who are constantly looking for new and worthwhile suggestions.

As always on this list You won’t find any boring stuff or paid options but only what we felt.

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In our last one Article You had declared them victorious DC Fountain with the “I love you”!

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Not present in the body: sarin

Not present in the body

It’s already becoming apparent what a great sludge metal album will be. Look here. The weight – the WEIGHT – of the Sabbath riff, the barking vocals, the undisguised glamour.

Antonis Kalamoutsos

The Afghan Whigs – I will let you see God

The Afghan Whigs

They had five years to publish something. It sounds so beautifully old-fashioned. It’s fast and full of adrenaline. They say it is the most difficult piece they have ever written. This statement is not far from the truth. The track will be featured in the upcoming video game Gran Turismo 7. It’s definitely uplifting and very well made.

Theodosis Jenitsaridis

Avril Lavigne (with Mark Hoppus) – All I Wanted

Avril Lavigne

Let’s go back to 2002, part one. A catchy tune. Mark from blinking. A duo from the golden books of pop punk. A perfect one wink. Whatever doubts may remain are removed from the clumsy person’s hook. The layers are all smiles. Long live the Queen!

Antonis Marinis

Evergrey – Save us


Like a well-tuned machine, Evergrey are back sooner than expected with a new single. Everything we love about the band is here in the same safe formula. But the melodies and Tom’s voice are such that it’s hard to resist.

Nikos Katapidis

Ocean Grove – Sex Dope Gold

Ocean Grove

Let’s go back to 2002, part two. The company from Australia continues where it left off “Flip Phone Fantasy”. The reef sticks straight away. The rhythms carry something of nü. The chorus brazenly screams for a shake.

Antonis Marinis

Oceans Of Slumber – The water is rising

Oceans of sleep

The first taste of the upcoming Oceans Of Slumber suggests that it’s all there: Cammie’s flare, their ever-straighter but ever-great style, the band’s position as always on the verge of a major breakthrough. Has that time already come?

Antonis Kalamoutsos

Scorpions – Radiance of your soul


The first three songs released by Rock Believer didn’t disappoint, but the fourth one has prematurely emerged as a serious contender for the album’s top spot, even if it looks like it’ll have some stiff competition. The reggae aesthetic of the day “Is There Anybody There?” Against the backdrop of an impressive lead, Meine’s performance is captivating and the constant repetition seems to be an inevitable process. Our greetings.

Thodoris Xouridas

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