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The songs of the week (03/12/21)

Like for example every Fridayour editors were looking for the new songs that were recently released that deserve your time and attention and present it to you.

This is the weekly post that has become the “meeting point” for those of you who are constantly looking for new and worthwhile suggestions.

As always on this list You won’t find any boring stuff or paid options but only what corresponds to our senses.

You can also Mark your favorite from the list to the corresponding list Choose below.

In our last one Article You had declared them victorious Tomassi Roll And Drops”!

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Amorphis – The Moon


There is no more ideal “good winter” than a melody from the great book of a thousand lakes. Or later-“Darkness” This time too, nothing changes in the recipe. The result is wonderfully suitable for travel. As always.

Antonis Marinis

Boris – Drowning Numbers


With the release announcement new job The Japanese come up with something unexpectedly calm and sweet. It seems to be a sort of cleansing of their musical palette from their extreme previous work “NO” . Strange bass line, a dark and deadly atmosphere and hypnotic vocals from Wata.

Theodosis Jenitsaridis

Cult Of Luna – Cold Burn

Cult of Luna

A ten minute piece by new hard drive “of the Swedes” finds the band unleashing a cascading, atmospheric sludge metal with very dense tones and familiar noises, representing another COL masterpiece. Everything you need for the coming winter.

Theodosis Jenitsaridis

GGGOLDDD – Notes on trust


The first sample from GGGOLDDD’s new album is spooky. Milena Eva’s shocking performance is at the forefront of an industrial and post-production that sparkles in its darkness and releases a lot of emotions. We have experienced it Roadburn Redux It captivated us, but luckily it wasn’t enough. The countdown has started. Come visit next year.

Apostoli Zambaras

Kayleigh Goldsworthy – Over ambitious

Kayleigh Goldsworthy

For years I’ve had a strong soft spot for projects with the Goldsworthy duo (Dave Hause, Frank Iero), but the solo efforts have never appealed to me…until today! She’s ditching her alt-country and embracing a much more pop-rock sound that suits her, and I’m here to support her all year long

Jason Ciblakos

Naked Gypsy Queens – If your name is New York (then Maine’s Amsterdam)

Naked gypsy queens

Greta Van Fleet with a serious voice? One of the best solos in recent years? A new hope for classic rock art? Yes, yes and yes!

Antonis Moustakas

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Welcome back

Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Welcome Neil, welcome Crazy Horse! Welcome hypnotic sound, welcome electric trip and welcome music from the heart!

Antonis Moustakas

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