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The stories that shocked us, now also in audio books

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Research over the years, fragments of memories and reconstructions of entire eras, testimonies and documents are the raw material for the creation of three books that are based on true events. The true story of a Greek family from 1922 to 1945 becomes the occasion for the lives of many people to intersect.I am what I have forgotten» by Ilias Maglini. A reporter investigates the strange disappearance of a girl and is caught in “I will be your shadow» by Angelika Nikoloulis, and a young man with many dreams and little money becomes the founder of Misko and enters all the Greek houses in the book.acacia» by Kostas Krommidas. Three books that are different, but have something in common that makes them special, the true heroes of the stories.


Three books based on true events

As is often the case with stories that balance between the twoIn the documentary and literary sectors, they cause a stir and have a special appeal to the reading public who want to take a leap into other times. The individual books deal with important events that either affected the history of Greece or concerned public opinion. or are part of it History of Greek Entrepreneurship. True stories that captivate through the talent of their authors and draw us into the whirlpool of fascinating tales. It is certain that they will keep our interest unbroken from beginning to end, and in addition, they have another advantage: we do not have to find time to read them since we can listen to them wherever we are through the platform Jukebooks. It’s a user-friendly app for everyone that gives us a 15-day free trial (no commitment and can be canceled at any time). Great titles from leading publishers are waiting for us and we can start listening with a few simple steps. Immediately after that, we select the first audiobook we want to listen to and reading becomes listening.

I will be your shadow, Angeliki Nikolouli, Kastaniotis Publications

I will be your shadow

When Katerina Aslani – a girl with big dreams and a passion for life – mysteriously disappears, the questions become tormenting for her family. Did he give up everything and go to another country? Has she seen something terrible, is she threatened and is she hiding? Was he the victim of murder? For the reporter conducting the investigation, a risky journey begins from Plaka and Kolonaki to Paris and from Paros to Ioannina and Thessaloniki. The search begins in youth clubs, leads through artist studios and ends in the salons of high society. The case becomes even more unclear when three people involved complicate the investigation. Seven sealed secrets, deadly passions, careless mistakes lead to an unpredictable end.

I am what I have forgotten – A True Story, Ilias Maglinis, Metaichmio Publications

I am_what_I_forgot

If we assume that memory is nothing more than scattered islands in a vast sea of ​​forgetting, the first-person narrator of this true story travels from island to island in search of the man who was his father before he was his father , his country before it became his country. He finds buried family secrets, murders, traumas that travel through time, unrequited loves, images and words that form an uneven path on which the narrator tries to find the lost connections: with himself, of course, but also with others around him around. . A true story, as the book’s title suggests, about how emotional trauma on a personal and collective level can impact entire generations.

Acacia, by Kostas Krommidas, Dioptra Publications


With his only fortune, a golden pound, and some wise advice, young Lefteris sets out from his village in Epirus to Athens to realize his dream and satisfy the hunger of people’s bodies and souls.

In the adventure of his life, he will take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way and fight without anything standing in his way. Years later, when Akakios is in every Greek home, he looks with awe at the past and what he created, without forgetting his roots. In the story, inspired by the life of the founder of Misko, Lefteris Mandzikas, the golden granaries of the Thessalian plain, the smells of ancient spice shops and the sounds of Epirus obituaries are intertwined, evoking memories and emotions.

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