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The unexpected return of Elegy

The moment has finally come when the column will delve into something truly enjoyable, like reconnecting and returning to active activity elegygives us the perfect opportunity to remember the exploits of a great 90s band. The Dutch power/progressive metallers of the two basically high-quality periods and the non-negotiable streak of only notable records, but also the paradoxical “work break” after their very good “Principles Of Pain” album, from which more than 20 years have now passed .

Formed in 1986 with guitarists Arno Van Brussel and Henk Van Der Laars as references, it took six years (and four demos in between) until the line-up was finalized and their debut album was released. The “labyrinth From dreams“Therefore, it was a very representative album of its time, following the power/prog standards and having common recommendations with the works of Royal Hunt, Shadow Gallery, Conception and Vanden Plas, bands of the same era and headphones that would form the Dream train of 90s prog/power.

A feature that distinguished the Dutchman from the others, his interpretations Edward Hovinga, whose voice was particularly high-pitched and resembled a sun-kissed James LaBrie before singing. This, along with the neoclassical and progressive guitars of Van Der Laars and Van Brussel, would give Elegy the advantage of exposure, and the Japanese market would quickly adopt them.

The band naturally seemed to be looking for something more, with very special performer Hovinga being a factor Love It or to hate It and the two following albums (prominently the mighty “Lost“), who showed this tendency to develop their compositional skills, could not keep up with the talented Dutch singer. So in 1995 and after the above-mentioned album he was replaced by the British Ian Parrywhich will usher in the band’s “classic” period.


You see, Parry was a completely different style of singer, much more mature and soulful in his performances, with a voice that had its roots in Ronnie James Dio. With him in their kitty, Elegy released two pro-progressive power metal monuments in a row, with “Condition From Spirit” And “manifestation From fear“are today – rightly – considered classics and are considered the highlight of the band’s discography. Finally, let’s not forget that we are in a period of booming activity for bands of this genre, namely the release of a few jobs in the mid-late 90s that we now consider a benchmark.

For example, consider the two dominant tours that Elegy was involved in the promotion of their aforementioned works, first with Stratovarius (who had then released “Visions” – a tour that had taken them to our area) and then with Kamelot (at the time of “Siege Perilous”). So you understand the dynamic of the band and the prospects of establishing themselves in the scene, which was never fully exploited when there was never a follow-up after the “Principles Of Pain” album.

The reasons for this are diverse. Secure, his departure (founding member) Van The Boots played her role as the Dutch guitarist has always been a creative force in the band. Perhaps in an analogy to the case of Labyrinth, who essentially lost their identity with the departure of Olaf Thorsen, Elegy also lost the core of their line-up, remaining only with the excellent but “peripheral” remaining musicians (after, say, Patrick Rondat was more than just a technically competent replacement), eventually lost its raison d’être.

Of course, none of this plays a big role today The elegy They return with all ceremony, with the “old” Van Der Laars and Martin Helmantel, flanked by Gilbert Pot (guitarist on “Sypremacy” and “Lost”), Ian Parry and Dirk Bruinenberg (drummer on everyone except their debut album), celebrating the re-release of their back catalog on picture disc vinyl with a reunion tour beginning later this year. Will we be lucky enough to see them again from our area, more than twenty years since they were last here? We hope so, and if it happens we will definitely be there.


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