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The “Witches” with Nicole Dimitrakopoulou in the Plyfa Industrial Park

After two unique performances, one at the Zongolopoulos Outdoor Sculpture Gallery December 2021 and one in the municipal slaughterhouses of Tavros May 2022, The “Witches” meet their audience again with a new form and content. And this time in a place with a special character and a special past Plyfa Industrial Park (former Athens Knitting and Weaving Mill), at 39 Koritsas Street, for 10 only shownS.


The game
The “Witches” is a performance in progress, acrobatic between stage composition and lyrical performance. It is based on the play of the same name by Natasha Sideris (1st prize in the KTHBE dramaturgy competition MYTHOS?! in collaboration with the Theater von regensburg, prize for debut prose author from “The Reader” magazine), written on the occasion of the events of violence against women. Using material from historical records of gender-based violence in Europe, but also from Greek oral tradition (the second part of the performance is about the allegory of the “Bridge of Arta”) as well as the contemporary paradoxical “Greekness”, the piece illuminates the Timelessness of women’s issuesthat are already present in stories of the past, but remain alive as invitations to this day.


The show
Violence against women, which has been in the headlines more and more recently, shows that despite the publicity that has now occurred The problem is not just not normalized, but on the contrary, it seems that its vast scale is only now coming to light. For this new form of show, the group continues their research into the position and nature of women, this time based on the obstetrics of Hippocrates. In the descriptions of the shocking treatments proposed by the “Father of Medicine” one can see the view of the female body as a reproductive organ that is subjected to torture in order to be treated as such.

The game performed by performer Nicole Dimitrakopoulou, with the participation of Stelios Hatzigeorgiou. The show “Witches | Part 3: Dessert” enriches Natasha Sideris’ text with excerpts from the work of Hippocrates. Although it will again be presented in a special, not purely theatrical space, in keeping with the site-specific nature of the show, it will be the first time that the “Witches” take place in a closed environment. At the same time, its musical part is led to new experiments, under the sounds of the medieval violin (medieval fiddle, Frenchvielle), a rare string and bowed instrument, forerunner of today’s violin, which was popular especially from the 12th century onwards to the 15th century. Century to accompany secular and devotional songs. In “Magisses” the medieval Viella and the song by Irini Bilini-Moraitis They will be heard from the forecourt, watching the play progress from a distance and perhaps conveying a sense of captivity that reflects the female experience recounted in the show.


The director Thanasis Dovris says: “A great defeat occurs.” The defeat of colors by the color black. A defeat we know, and when we mention it we just shake our heads in embarrassment. An unprecedented defeat. A defeat we started and now there is no turning back…A defeat that embarrassed her we let it happen and shook our heads miserably. I think it is the desire of all humanity and every single human being to die without realizing it, in a buying apotheosis of animal orgasm.”

The exhibition is under her patronage General Secretariat for Family Policy and Gender Equality and is part of UNESCO’s “Orange the World” effort to combat gender-based violence.

Show ID:

Witches|Part 3 _Dessert
Plyfa Industrial Park (39 Koritsas)
From November 14th, every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 p.m., for 10 performances

Original texts, text selection: Natasha Sideri

Direction: Thanasis Dovris

Interpretation: Nicole Dimitrakopoulou
Stelios Hatzigeorgiou takes part.
Medieval Viella – Voice: Irini Bilini-Moraiti
Photos: Haris Germanidis
Production assistant: Alexandra Pappa
Production: Fail Better Team

Duration: 50 minutes

General admission: €12
Tuition fee, young people up to 18 years, disabled people, unemployed people: €10
Tariff: €5 (only at the theater box office)
Pre sales:

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