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“The woman’s body as a battlefield” by Matei Wisniek

Premieres March 13th
Theater room

The theater group OneTwoFree presents to the Greek audience for the first time from March 13 to April 25 at the Choros Theater the play “The Woman’s Body as a Battlefield” by Matei Visniek, directed by Stelios Patsias.


A few words about the case:
Two women with different cultural backgrounds meet after the Bosnian ethnic war. Kate, an American psychologist, meets Dora, a genocidal rape victim. Through a collage of real and imaginary images and situations, the story of these two women and their struggle to overcome the horrors, traumas of war and their personal dead ends unfolds.

The central theme of the play is war, and unfortunately it remains tragically relevant. At the same time, nationalistic madness, intolerance, rape as a weapon of war, racism, immigration, violence, but also solidarity, faith in humanity and the miracle of life, which is nothing other than birth, arise.

Through these two women, physically saved from war, but also mentally struggling to save themselves, we realize that in the context of violent conflict there is a type of violence other than murder that is not aimed at it To achieve something The death of an enemy is the main goal, rather it is about destroying the core of the person while keeping the body alive.

From an interview with Matei Wisniek: “Since ancient times, theater has referred to violence without being an antidote.” It awakens conscience, denounces, provokes discussions. Unfortunately, my work on the subject of war is rather current. I believe that women have a huge role to play in pulling humanity out of this metaphysical tunnel of culture of violence. A woman, by the very fact that she gives birth to life, is not able to kill with the ease of a man.


A few words about the author:

Matei Visniec was born in 1956 in northern Romania. He studied philosophy in Bucharest and began his writing career.

In 1984 the collection “The Wise Man at Tea Time” won an award. Instead, all of his plays were banned by the censors.

In September 1987 he traveled to Paris, where he applied for political asylum. Since then he has lived in France, working as a journalist for Radio France Internationale and writing plays in French.

Since 1992 he has been a constant presence on the French stage with more than 20 plays, including: “The Horses in the Window”, “The Woman’s Body as a Battlefield”, “How to Become a Bird”, “Old Clown”. wanted”, “Chekhov’s machine”, “The history of communism presented for psychopaths”, “The word progress sounded very wrong in my mother’s mouth”, etc.

His works have been performed all over the world.




Author: Matei Vishniek
Translation: Natasha Sideri
Director: Stelios Patsias
Set design – costumes: Maria Palantza
Lighting design: Nausica Christodoulakos
Music composition: George Kassavetis
Photos – Trailer: Archlabyrinth
Contact: Iota Dimitriadis

Performed by: Nicole Dimitrakopoulou, Sofia Palantza
Participants: Antonis Papadakis and Lefteris Katachanas

The woman's body as a battlefield teaser


Premiere: March 13th
Dates: from March 13th to April 25th
Show days and times: Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 p.m
Duration: 90′ (without break)
Ticket price: €15 (standard entry), €12 (reduced)
Reservations by phone: 210 3426736 and more.gr


Venue: theater hall
Address: Praviou 6-8, Votanikos, 11855
Production: OneTwoFree Theater

The performance takes place under the patronage and with financial support of the Ministry of Culture.

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