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The WOTHROSCH collective & Jane Fotou

About a year ago, the Athens WOTHROSCH caused a sensation with their debut, “To hate”. The Athens-based extreme metal band presented a sophisticated post/black/sludge metal project in one of the most notable releases from the local scene. A year later, and especially these days, the collective of WOTHROSCH decides to convey her diverse artistic vision to the public in a different way, namely through an idiosyncratic photo exhibition.

The collective in partnership with the photographer Jane photopresented at the gallery from January 18th to 27th Art Zone 42 the report To hate Magno. When we were invited to the event, we couldn’t help but attend the opening last Thursday to witness this admittedly rare (if not original) venture by local standards. WOTHROSCH, in collaboration with Fotou, visualized the eight tracks of their debut with a special and sophisticated photo for each individual track, inspired by their music and lyrics. Furthermore, the band announced this experimental/ambient forty minute track “Odium Magno”which is not only an alter ego of his debut, but also acts as a complement to the visual part of the exhibition, enhancing it aurally for the duration of its duration.

The Wothrosch Collective Art Exhibition – Jane Φώτου

Thus, the “Odium Magno” exhibition was essentially an audiovisual installation. When we arrived at the gallery, the singer Filippos and Jane cheerfully greeted us and, much to our delight, showed us around but also answered our questions in a very interesting conversation that gave us a more complete picture of the event. Admittedly, the collective’s decision not to limit itself to its purely musical side, but, as we were informed, to also choose to engage with the audience in this sense instead of a concert, is interesting to say the least. WOTHROSCH insisted that they did not want to compromise or present a standard or off-the-shelf concert experience if it could not be done on their terms, which is why this venture was also their own counter-proposal for communicating their art.

At the exhibition, which is free to enter, there was remarkably no merch from the band other than the arrangement of the photos with special lighting and of course the people in attendance. WOTHROSCH wanted the people who come there to focus on the combined function of the senses, to socialize, to stay in the art and not in the accessories. Acoustically, the music did not have the desired intensity due to the special nature of the premiere, but as it dominated the room, it reinforced the darkness inspired byFoto’s works. The companion piece to her debut was drawn from the works, with the individual pieces being both independent and complementary. Music with outbursts and constructions, but also violent photographs, with a focus on the human condition, but also borderline states of the soul and spirit. From physical violence to undertones of horror, and from realism to ritual, the recordings blended perfectly with the band’s music, both extreme metal and atmospheric, creating a holistic endeavor.

The Wothrosch Collective Art Exhibition – Jane Φώτου

Beyond the details of the implementation and conception of the project, which they had never believed in for a moment, the hosts promised us that they would also give free rein to their creative whim in future projects. The “Odium Magno” exhibition, although it gave us associations with corresponding, of course different rangesIt’s worth paying attention to while it’s still running, as it not only shines a spotlight on the attempt to expand extreme metal expression, but also reminds us how it can be done with the resources at the artist’s disposal. can look for ways to communicate the concepts of his creation by breaking down the distances.

On a purely artistic level, the result is characterized by clear aesthetic axes that connect order and disorder and capture and “awaken” the feelings they address in the viewer. In general, this is an effect that honors its interactive nature and does not prevent the audience from giving it their own interpretation through the combination of sound and images, thus limiting their imagination. Which turns out to be the driving force of the project.

Photos: Jane photo (Facebook / Instagram)

The WOTHROSCH collective – Odium Magno @ Art Zone 42 Gallery

January 18th – 27th, Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue 42, 116 35 Athens

Opening hours:

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 3:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.,

Wednesday and Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m


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