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Theater of the day: “The Pure” had an official premiere

Many officials and artists were “present” at the Theater of the Day on Monday, November 20, to see with their own eyes that the comedy is there and has a name: “The Pure”.


Good comedy is hard to find these days. Original comic ideas are rare, and original comic ideas that bear fruit and lead to balance are even more rare scenic effect. “The Pure Ones” in the Theater of the Day are one of the few shining exceptions that do the genre all credit – and more.


Two naive would-be murderers who don’t know each other meet in a Yapi in Kapandriti, opposite a rich couple’s villa. One was set up by the husband to kill the wife, the other was set up by the wife to kill the husband. They are pure. They don’t have any weapons. They are waiting for you by… courier. And the courier is late and the rich couple doesn’t say to come, both boys are waiting.


And what don’t they do while they wait! Killing tirades at machine gun speed replace the bullets they don’t have, they fight, they eat, they laugh, they dance, they play musical instruments, they sing. Until a memorial service is held for those who eat. To be led not to one but to successive endings. You dare to take the show with you because they still have something to say to you until the last moment. At the last moment, the last becomes the second to last because they have one last thing to tell you!


Two actors-musicians-performers for all professions, energy class A, above George Hatzis and Michael Anthis, both multi-award-winning, stormy and extraordinary, allow themselves to relax on stage and ensure sustained laughter with a bold prose satire with elements of musicals, cabaret and stand-up comedy. But be careful: in order to give change, you must first have collected it. “The Pure Ones” will ask you for your obolon to participate. So that they don’t feel… empty.


It’s true, with the right diet you can form a new liver. The same goes for laughing, and even faster. “The pure ones” will give it to you without stinginess.


The information

Every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. and Monday at 8:30 p.m. in the Theater des Tages.
Presale: The Pure | Tickets online! |
Ticket prices: 15, 12 and 10 euros


Text, direction, lighting: Michael Anthis
Actors: Giorgos Hatzis, Michael Anthis
Original music, orchestration: Giorgos Hatzis
Closing song: Michael Anthis
Application: Despina Tsoukala
Assistant director: Valia Karatzogianni
Production Manager: Maggie Monzolis
Contact: Aglaia Pagona

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