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Theater performance for the 100th birthday of Tasos Livaditis

The performance, which is a tribute to Tassos Livaditis, refers to the work, the turbulent life and the personality of our great poet, traversing his wonderful poetic universe with the respect and love due to great poetry. A contemporary poetry that praises love, man and his ideals for a better world.

The poetic work is brought to the stage by Coralia Karantis with a group of actors, in a top meeting with the singer Dimitris Bassi with live orchestra on stage.

“Tasos Livaditis is one of the greatest poets of the first post-war generation, who followed his lonely path with his own unique character traits. In his poems the reader finds philosophical depth, high aesthetics, existential fear, compassion and the search for truth. Combative and revolutionary in the first period of his work, in the second period a deeply existential and always romantic poet.

The staged adaptation of the text by G. Duatzis highlights all the elements that characterize the poetry of T. Livaditis and offers the viewer a wonderful journey into the enchanting world of the poet.” Panos Angelopoulos

“Because some people are just so special, it’s worth living just to get to know them.”

Tasos Livaditis absorbed life, love, passions, joy and sadness with intensity every time, as if it were the last time. He was a deeply romantic poet. His life was turbulent, rich in changes, a life that varied in severity for a highly sensitive priest of poetry. George Douatzis

“The world only exists if you share it”

Tasos Livaditis was and is one of the greatest poets of the last century. His life was poetry. He lived with his loved ones, who always shocked him. He lived with the dream of revolution and the nightmare of collapse. He lived in agonizing self-absorption. Titus Patrikios.

“Revolutionaries are afraid of the future, lovers are afraid of the past, poets have taken on both.”

The poet’s lyrics were set to music by Mikis Theodorakis (“Ta Lyrika”, “It rains in the slum”, “Saturday night”, “Drapetsona”, etc.), Manos Loizos, Stelios Vamvakaris, Mimi Plessas, George Tsagaris and other Greek composers .

His poems have been translated into Russian, Serbian, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian, French, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese and English.

Performance ID

“Tasos Livaditis – Poet of the Dream”

Direction – Theater adaptation: Panos Angelopoulos

text: Giorgos Douatzis

Landscape: Yiannis Zimianitis

Suits: Maggie Mozzolis

Audio: Thanos Scopelitis

Video visual art: Nikos Mylonas

Production department: Maria Kalitsi

The actors interpret:

Koralia Karantis, with the participation of the actors: Konstantis Zimianitis, Lefteris Vlachou, Krystallias Kefaloudi, Lysandra Anastasopoulou and Giorgos Hatzis.

The performance will be accompanied by singer Dimitris Bassis, with the orchestra of conductor Nikos Stratigos.

Accordion: Tasos Athanasias

Violin: Giorgos Hatzis.

Piano: Nikos Stratigos.

production: Sound and visual theater production – Humanergon AMKE

Show information:

THEATER GREAT BRITAIN, 7 Panepistimiou Street, Athens 10564, Telephone: 2103221579

Show days and times

March 20 and 21, 2023

Monday and Tuesday 8:00 p.m

Duration: 120 minutes

Tickets: 25 euros (Zone A: square)

20 euros (Zone B: square)

15 euros (Zone C: Exostis)

Pre sales: :



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