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Thessaloniki is developing into a UNESCO city of gastronomy thanks to a new location

The new conveys the history and uniqueness of the co-capital’s dishes.

International recognition won through Thessaloniki with their joining the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities of Gastronomy (UCCN) promotes the centuries-old cultural history and rich heritage of the city, which, with the driving force of gastronomy, sustainability and innovation, enters into an international dialogue of creativity with the aim of economic and social development and the enhancement of the environment. It is this heritage that has shaped the character of a modern European city that is recognized today one of Europe’s best culinary destinations.

In this context, a new website has been created that conveys the history and uniqueness of Thessaloniki’s dishes through sensual photos. The new platform The aim is to increase the visibility of Thessaloniki, to present and promote the unique products of the Macedonian country and to inform the public about food policy accordingly sustainable urban food systems supported by the Municipality of Thessaloniki as part of its participation in the Pact for Urban Food Policy of Milan. (Milan Urban Food Policy Pact – MUFPP) .

Alexei Isachenko

There is also information material about it Food Policy Council, for the European Food Trails program of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the farm-to-fork strategies it promotes. The UNESCO authorities occupy a central place on the website for their development Sustainability, social responsibility and the local economy but also the significance of this major international award for the city. In addition, attractions in Thessaloniki are highlighted, such as Kapani, Ladadika, the municipal vineyard, the rice fields, the wineries of the region, etc.

By the Both tourists and citizens can find out everything important culinary events which take place in the co-capital so that we can enjoy them to the fullest.

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