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They are the Irish Hudson Taylor and they conquer our playlists before they even release an album

There are times when you get a particularly tyrannical piece: it requires repetition and won’t stop warbling your mind until it’s played from something outside your mental tape recorder. And when that track isn’t just a pleasant, catchy radio commercial, but finds a breakthrough and access to some emotions within you, you don’t want much more. That’s how I caught them with their “battles”. Hudson Taylor from this year’s single when I heard it in a great performance at Crypt Sessions and of course in Studio performance of four minutes and five seconds later. Goosebumps similar to the ones we felt during Mumford & Sons’ Broken Crown, if you know what I mean. “Battles” has of course been released on an EP since 2012, but Hudson Taylor’s story begins a few years earlier…

In 2008, brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor went on holiday from Dublin. Although they came from a musical family, they had never seriously considered the possibility of a musical career. So as they lounged on the beach and Harry scratched at his guitar collecting pieces from passersby, they gathered around the five or six Germans who listened intently and asked them to play covers of well-known songs. Day by day the audience grew more and more. Germans, Canadians, Americans… people from different parts of the world. When it came time to shoot with a bigger budget than expected, the audience asked them to upload songs to YouTube and social networks, and so the story of Hudson Taylor began. Until they were poached by Polydor Records in 2012…

Hudson Taylor play folk-pop with choirboy harmonies learned from the best: Simon & Garfunkel, Everly Brothers, and it doesn’t mix. The magical fruits of mixing indie music with folk (and a bit of country) have been known for some time and here we meet them at their best. They don’t hesitate to say they love the Beatles as much as they love Katy Perry. They don’t give up their pop character either. On the contrary, with a maturity unparalleled for their age (20 and 21 years old, please), they embrace it in its purest form, melody.

They have already gained some – not much – popularity with their other singles, such as: “Weapons” And “Cinematic lifestyle” or their support for Jake Bugg, but what stands out is the title that closes all their concerts (“Battles”, well, what have we been talking about for so long). The songs for this year’s single “Battles II” show that the harmonies of their two voices are made for great things. Take, for example, beauty in every way “Open up”which shows the Hudson Taylors are ready to spread their wings.

Next September the brothers from Ireland will release their as yet untitled debut. We shouldn’t anticipate anything, let alone global success on a large scale for a wide audience… But if they don’t have the background, who will? What is certain is that they have my full support and only time will tell whether they will reach commercial or artistic heights – or not. Until then, I’ll carry on anyway “Fights” I say it again and I urge you to do the same.

“Only time will tell whether we are all just cynics on the run, whether we are all just cynics who have dissolved.”

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