This is the line-up of the Los Almiros Festival 2017 - Wishevoke

This is the line-up of the Los Almiros Festival 2017

6. Los Almiros Festival

Kouri forest, Almyros Magnesia

August 3, 4, 5, 2017

Free entry – free camping

The 6ο Los Almiros Festival has once again remained faithful to his appointment. The largest independent festival returns this year, offering another full three days to all music lovers from across the country. Always based on the principles of self-organization, collectivity and participation. Admission is always free and always open to everyone. With the highest standards on both an artistic and organizational level. The main criterion is respect from the public and the main goal is fun for everyone.

This year’s Lafers meeting is planned for everywhere August 3rd, 4th, 5th at the now known location Kuri Forest of Almyros. With a program that covers every taste, the 6th Los Almiros Festival not only maintains its position as one of the top festivals, but sets the bar even higher. For the first time this year, the music will be played live along with the established pre-festival party the day before the official opening. The enchanting ones One hour before the trip They will captivate us with their orchestral rock and be the ideal start for the “journey” that will follow in the next few days.

Your afternoon 4th of August The festival’s main stage will open for their reception Dendrites, the heavy rock band from Volos that, while quite fresh, has had a lot of buzz around its name and is expected to turn up the volume soon. The punk rockers will take over In spite of everything to cause the familiar chaos that characterizes their live performances. Then one of the hottest names in the Greek scene will join the board of the Los Almiros Festival. The reason for them Naxatras who will seduce us with their highly psychedelic sounds. As one of the few musical genres that has not yet been present at the festival, it is time to perform, and with one of its most authentic and authentic representatives. THE Desecrate On stage at the Los Almiros Festival with DJ Magnum and hip hop at its finest. And after this musical break and for the second time in Almyros, the stage and with it the entire forest will be handed over to the highest band in the country and not only. The terrible ones 1000 mods Now that they have conquered all of Europe, they will sweep everything away in the wake of their sonic storm. And yet this will not be the end of the first day. Because this year a legend will emerge in Almyros of Magnesia. Many words are poverty and in this case they are unnecessary. The mythical Brant Bjork with his band and his guest Sean Wheeler He will end the night with the relentless groove that only he knows how to create and will send us to sleep wondering if we really saw, heard and experienced what just preceded.

The second day and the Los Almiros Festival, dedicated to highlighting new artists on the local scene, will open with the local hip-hop duo Lost monkeyswhile one of the best formats in the genre will follow text. Next up is a band that is inextricably linked to the festival Mr Highway Band, will take the stage to present their excellent new album “The Rebel Artist” (Los Almiros Records), adding their own Americana rock stamp to the big celebration. Then the Italians The offender and their hooligan reggae that will make the whole forest dance while immediately afterwards the aliens will land on Almyros. They come straight from the planet Jupiter and will definitely not let anyone down. For the first time at Los Almiros Festival the amazing Planet of Zeus. Finally another big and honorable moment for the festival. The great Germans Cadaverone of the leading contemporary groups of the heavy rock sound, return to Greece after a long time to form the ideal conclusion to a fantastic and satisfying three days.

Like every year, in addition to the main stage on the lake in the Kuri Forest, the lake stage takes place in the afternoon, which this year is very powerful and interesting. The acoustic punk rockers Tullamore Duo from Larissa will be there on Friday afternoon accompanied by the Romanians Roadkill soda who will present a special acoustic set. At the same time, the guests of the lake will be very special guests on Saturday Thrax Punkcto leave no room for peace.

Three days full of music, dancing, fun and entertainment. This is how the Los Almiros Festival is every year and this is exactly how it is here this year for the sixth time in a row. Lafers, get ready for an unrepeatable and unforgettable experience!!!

Los Almiros Festival

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