This Sunday with the theme, Lee Child's famous bestseller "The Fifth Level" - Wishevoke

This Sunday with the theme, Lee Child’s famous bestseller “The Fifth Level”

This Sunday with the theme,
Lee Child’s famous bestseller

“The Fifth Level” What secrets can a city called “Mother’s Rest” hide? Who and why decided to baptize her like that? The secret of this place’s dark and suspicious past is closely guarded by its strange inhabitants.

As a writer, Lee Child seeks to ratchet up the dramatic tension and heighten the suspense of what awaits his hero Jack Reacher in his next move, often attempting bold originality, sometimes even veering into the realm of fantasy.

This Sunday with the theme, Lee Child's famous bestseller

“The Fifth Level” is the best example of what the creativity of a truly masterful storyteller can produce. In this book, the former police officer and current ghost agent finds himself in “Mother’s Rest” as he wanders aimlessly across America. It is a small and completely insignificant town somewhere in the middle belt of the United States, surrounded by endless wheat fields and inhabited by people who are careful in every possible way to show that foreigners are not welcome in their city. So in “Mother’s Rest” a woman mistakes Reacher for someone else and drags him into a completely unexpected, dangerous adventure in the bowels of the American underworld. The woman’s name is Michelle Chang and she mistakes Reacher for one of her co-workers, whom he has been searching for since her sudden disappearance. Chang is a private detective, but it turns out that she is a former FBI agent. Reacher decides to help Chang with her investigation as best he can – although he realizes almost immediately that this decision was so wrong that it could even cost him his life.

This Sunday, Lee Child’s gripping novel “The Fifth Level” is in THEMA.


Who is Lee Child?

Lee Child is one of the “superstars” of modern crime fiction with worldwide recognition and publishing success. He was born in Coventry, grew up in Birmingham and currently lives in New York. He studied law and worked in private television for eighteen years. His first novel, Death Stranding, was published in 1997 and introduced the lonely wandering ex-soldier Jack Reacher. It was an immediate and spectacular international success, earning him a place on the Sunday Times bestseller list, among other things. His novels have sold millions of copies, been translated into dozens of languages ​​and, of course, won numerous awards. Child won the Anthony and Barry Award for Best Debut Novel.

This was followed by another 24 novels and a collection of short stories starring Jack Reacher, which were published in 97 countries and 42 languages, selling a total of over 100 million copies. It is estimated that one of his Jack Reacher novels is sold somewhere in the world every nine seconds.

Lee has won several literary awards, including the Barry, the Nero and the Diamond Dagger – the “Oscar” for the genre and for his body of work from the Crime Writers’ Association.

Today, Jack Reacher has established himself as one of the most popular heroes in modern detective fiction. In 2012 and 2016 he was portrayed by Tom Cruise in the cinema, in two adventures based on the books “With a Shot” and “Never Go Back”.

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