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Three Great Women by Edward Albee in the Municipal Theater of Piraeus

The internationally known American director Robert Wilson directs the piece Three tall women from Edward Albee in the Piraeus Municipal Theater with three prominent Greek actresses Reni PittakisThe Karabeti walnut tree and that Loukia Michalopoulou.

The show is structured around fundamental questions of self and mortality. Albee’s sarcastic work is inspired by the figure of his own mother. Facing the end of her life, she is surrounded by two nurses who take the form of her younger self.

With his well-known, holistic approach to space and time, Robert Wilson masterfully records the imprint of time and highlights the diverse reflections that the mirror of life produces.


Director: Robert Wilson

Deputy Director: Charles Chemin
Scenes: Flavio Pezzotti

Costumes: Jacques Reynaud

Sound design: Thorsten Hoppe
Lighting: Marcello Lumaca
Original music: Thodoris Economou

Translation: Errikos Belies
Assistant director: Dimitra Dermitzakis
Production Manager: Emilia Siafarika



Reni Pittakis
Karabeti walnut tree
Loukia Michalopoulou
Alexis Fousekis

Premiere November 24, 2023

Fanis Synadinos E-PROD

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