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Ti Soulahe!: A Musical Theater Confession

THE Nonika Malkoutziintroduces us to her new personal work “What the hell!” An original musical theater confession, in original texts and original songs, accompanied by three original musicians and awaits you, originals, every Thursday at 9 p.m. from March 11th, 2022 in the original theater car of the roof train to share the originality of being with you!

A few words about the show

Dear Diary,

Today I woke up, did my daily meditation, failed, showered, caught a cold, got dressed, drank double Greek straight, doused myself, burned, changed clothes, turned on the radio, listened to four songs, cried, left the house , got in the car, ran out of battery, called for roadside assistance, roadside assistance came, drove to Taki’s house, had to see him for three months, came from outside, had a heart attack, tried to park, hit the bumper, then hit the intercom, He opened the door for me without a word, I entered the elevator, I pressed two, the elevator stopped, I had a rapid pulse again, I had chills again, I got my bad fears and suddenly… I hear Sula’s voice!

Concept / text: Nonika Malkoutzi, Mela Gerofoti

Artistic editing: Nonika Malkoutzi

Original songs: Isonas, Alexandros Giovanni,
Mela Gerofotis, Nonika Malkoutzis

Musicians: Artemis Vavacika – accordion,

Yannis Kontaratos – violin,
Asteris Konstantinou – guitar

Costume design: Christangelos

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