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Tipotas (A Painful Tale) with Thanos Tokakis

There will come a day, there will come a certain moment when you have thirty seconds left to live. Then I want you to think of me. Please think of me at this moment, think of how I get on your nerves, make fun of your life, and try to smile.

Nothing. He is (almost) a man. Like everyone else. With a past. And a future (?). And a quiet, undisturbed life. At least that’s what he wants others to believe. THE Thanos Tokakis continues artistic research into the search for identity and the meaning of happiness. After the short film “Tokakis or What’s my name”, in which he dealt with the topic in a self-sarcastic way based on his personal experiences, he directs and plays an almost Becketian hero who speaks from the stage about the pain, the fractures and the trauma that it brings with it. Topics that no one wants to talk about, especially not himself.


Based on the Pulitzer nominee’s text Will EnoThe show, bordering on stand-up comedy, is full of humor, self-irony, twists and turns, but also a lot of pain, and uses fragments of a story to question how much we define ourselves by happiness and the “obligation” to strive for it. “Tipotas” is neither exactly a theater monologue nor a stand-up comedy, it’s a mixture. It seems as if we are watching a conversation, a casual conversation about life that is not about anything in particular. Tipotas has a few – at best – simple things in his head that keep him busy and keep us busy.
As Thanos explains to Tokakis: Tipotas won’t talk to you about anything terrible. Something shocking. Or for something that will bother you. Don’t worry, it won’t go any deeper. He will at least try to entertain you. So that you can forget everyday life and its suffering for a while. A pleasant break. And then go home happy. And continue your life as you left it. Just as happy. Just as happy. No wounds. No cracks. Without pain. All of this is nothing. Than life itself.

Identity of the show

Lyrics: Will Eno (Original title: Thom Paine (based on nothing))

Translation: Julia Diamantopoulou
Director: Thanos Tokakis

Deputy Director: Vassilis Magouliotis

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