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Twelve short stories by Pedro Almodovar are “The Last Dream”

In Greek from Dioptra publications.

Pedro Almodovar’s short stories illuminate various moments of his life in an idiosyncratic, fragmentary “autobiography”.

With the humility and attentiveness of one who looks at human passions to unify them in the unfathomable logic of life, Almodovar visits the entire spectrum of colors of our soul: pain, sadness, affection, nostalgia, euphoria, discomfort, the uncontrollable urge to do so communicate, the disappointment of sio

Antonio Tabucchi

A warning to those who love directors who write. This isn’t about Woody Allen or Werner Herzog, but about a William Burroughs with a lot of humor: That’s Pedro Almodovar.

Book review – Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Almodovar’s writing is as skillful and intelligent as his films.

The times

I knew Almodovar was a great writer, I just had to find out when. From his childhood to yesterday, his writing takes us by the hand and takes us into an amazing forest. When you read these short stories, you don’t know whether you’re going into your own head or your heart. Either way, it’s a gift. And an enjoyable invasion.

Ray to Laurie

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