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Two new books on the Asia Minor catastrophe are published

One hundred years after the Asia Minor catastrophe from 1922 to 2022, many remarkable books have been published that relate to the expulsion of Roma residents from their ancestral homelands in what is now Greece and their settlement here. The content of this special issue deals with a special topic that concerns the music and dance tradition of a particular place, a city with a long history from Byzantine times, Kiutachia in Asia Minor, Kotyao in ancient times. And that’s because that’s where the author comes from.

The content is based on research that began four decades ago with records of first-generation people. It contains an analysis of the dances danced by the Roman population of this city, as well as a large number of Turkish songs with their translation into Greek and the recording of their melody in sheet music.


Also Greek-language songs taught at the Urban School of the city of Kiutachia. At the same time, the integration of the music and dance tradition into the social life of the place and the people involved is shown. There is a wealth of photographic material, including original photographs of the location and also of the people performing the dances. The book comes with a CD insert with original recordings without musical instruments.

A hundred years later, we must not forget this

The contents of this publication are a tribute to the families who made up the human potential of the Greek community of the city of Kotyaios – Kiutachia in Asia Minor, one of the most important cities in the region of ancient Phrygia. It is a tribute to the people who had to emigrate by force, became refugees and those who survived had to start their lives from scratch.


Life seemed to be difficult for them. They left their lives behind in their centuries-old homeland of Asia Minor and came decimated to their new homeland, which was a vision for them and which they carried in their hearts: Greece. They fought to be accepted but didn’t shy away from it. Today, ten decades later, they are recognized for the new breath they gave to the place and their contribution to its development. They and their descendants deposit their memories here, along with plenty of photographic material, as a memorial to those who are no longer with us.

It is published by “Myrtos” in all bookstores.

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