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Underground Currents celebrate 30 years in Technopolis!

Three experienced musicians, one legendary voice, one characteristic sound, dozens of beloved songs that have left a deep mark on our emotional map. An underground group family gathers in the Technopolis of the city of Athens for one of the biggest live shows in their history.

The Underground currents are turning 30 and are inviting all their friends to a big concert celebration on Wednesday, June 5th at the Technopolis in the city of Athens. Together with the band, dear friends and musical companions such as Alexis Kalofolias, Maria Papageorgiou, Dimitris Mitsotakis, Eleni & Suzana Vouyouklis, Frank Panx, Vangelis Kazantzis, Tsopana Rave, Magic De Spell, Marios Davelis (Fundracar) and others still known to be given later.

Year 1994, the album “The Magician looking at the city”, the first track “I like not to say much” and so a group from Kallithea unexpectedly begins to play their music live in public and soon becomes known throughout Hellas. It’s the undercurrents.

30 years later, Undercurrents have had an uninterrupted and eventful journey. Eleven records, dozens of collaborations with many Greek artists and creators in the studio and on stage, with a special moment in their hearts being the meeting with Thanos Mikroutsikos, and thousands of concerts in Greece, Cyprus and Europe.

Fourteen musicians have passed through the underground family and each of them has left their mark on the history and development of the band. Most importantly, these musicians were and remain friends and testify that Undercurrents is not just a band, but a living and multidimensional organization that is constantly changing over the years of its journey. They always remain true to their musical and social principles and prove in every way that they are still one of the biggest and most relevant bands in the Greek rock scene.

They have been acting as a trio since 2015 and have created one of the most classic and powerful rock band formations (bass-guitar-drums). Grigoris Klioumis, the longest serving member of Underground Currents, the voice and soul of the group, Tasos Peppas on drums, with more than twenty years in the underground and Nikos Youssef, who was a close friend of the group and has been on stage with them for over ten years his bass and his singing saw. This trio is one of the most stable forms in the band’s history and brings a different dynamic to both the creative side and the live performances.

Wednesday June 5th

Technopolis of the city of Athens

Tickets: 12 € in advance – 15 € at the entrance

Pre sales: more.com

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