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Untold stories about how the great war productions of the 1940s were filmed

With a difference of two years the main actresses Jenny Karezi And Aliki Vougiouklakis They were portrayed on the big screen as heroines who declared their own war on the invader by hand Finos film.

Favorite actress Jenny Karezi starred in the color production Concert for machine guns which premiered on February 27, 1967 in the cinemas of Athens-Piraeus and “reduced” 427,698 tickets at the premiere.


In a script Nikos Foskolos and direction Dino Dimopoulos The star cast included, among others, the main actors Manos Katrakis and that Costa Kazako, Andreas Barkoulis, Angelos Antonopoulos And Spyro Kalogirou.


The film was the reason for the first series on Greek television Unknown War (1971-1974) leaded by Nikos Foskolos which consistently ranks first in television history with a rating of 83%.

According to the communications manager of Finos Film, Stathi Kanvasino “In the film “Machine Gun Concerto”, the choice of Jenis Karezis for the role of Niki was not influenced by the previous failure of the film “He and Her”, in which she starred together with Phaidonas Georgitsis. During filming in the Isthmus of Corinth, the star met the man of her life, Kostas Kazakos, while during breaks in filming while playing backgammon, their relationship began, which she revealed to Dino Dimopoulos. he emphasized.

The teacher with the blonde hair

His dramatic film was released in theaters on October 27, 1969 Dino Dimopoulos The teacher with the blonde hair with her in the lead role Aliki Vougiouklakis and that Dimitris Papamichael together with you Angelo Antonopoulos And Zervo pants. “Among the 99 productions of this year, it ranked first in terms of revenue, while being the fifth most grossed film in the history of Greek cinema.” said Mr. Kamvasinos.

The Teacher with Blonde Hair (1969)

Lieutenant Natasha

The story of the film Lieutenant Natasha Soon after, he began directing Nikos Foskolos. It was a blockbuster Fino film with a lot of location shooting in Greece, Cyprus and also in Dachau with thousands of extras and costumes. It all started when N. Foskolos, invited to a friend’s house, told the story of the film in the presence of Alice, who showed particular interest.

Aliki Vougiouklakis: Lieutenant Natasha (Get out of front of me) 1970

“But he was cautious on his part and Finos’ intervention was crucial.” pointed out Mr. Kamvasinos and continued: “The first test they did, he asked her to dip her face in the muddy waters of Kopaida and when the actress did as per his instructions, he started filming.”

Wedding of Lieutenant Natasha

The film premiered in theaters on December 12, 1970 and set a box office record with 751,117 tickets in Athens and Piraeus. It is the most commercial film in the history of Greek cinema, a record it held until 1999 (when the film “Safe Sex” was screened).

According to the communications manager of Finos Film “The decline of the golden age of Greek cinema had already begun, with the film being a shining exception.” “Finos stubbornly demanded such a film to restore the prestige of cinema. That’s why he used three cameramen for the first time in a Greek production, while the glamorous duo of protagonists was almost the last time they worked together in a feature film. as he mentioned.

It is noted that Dimitris Papamichael made a small appearance in the film “A Funny Girl”.

When the film was shown abroad and particularly on BBC2, the musical’s producers were in charge Evita They were convinced to give Aliki Vougiouklakis the copyright to upload in Athens.

According to the production company, Filopoimin Finos created five major color productions on the theme of the German occupation in Greece. The Machine Gun Concert (1967)The The Teacher with the Blonde Hair (1969), The 1970 the movies Those who have spoken to death And Lieutenant Natasha and in 1973 The brave die twice.

those who spoke to death

It is worth noting that the film “Those Who Spoke to Death,” in which Chronis Exarchakos gave a performance recital, was an experience film written and directed by Yiannis Dalianidis.

“A tribute to his mother” emphasized Mr. Kamvasinos “with Yiannis Dalianidis in charge of everything.”

The film with a star cast such as Zoe Laskari, Yannis Fertis, Nikiforos Naneris, Vangelis Seilinos, Eleni Zafiriou And Manos Katrakis followed the resistance of a group of young people in Athens during the Second World War. In fact, the dictatorship’s press ministry had protested because a Russian flag was shown in the final frames of the film.

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