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Victoria Beckham travels back to Spain for the new Mango collection

LONDON Later this month mango will unveil his most high-profile collaboration to date, a collection of tailoring, slip dresses, knitwear and accessories co-designed Victoria Beckham in a muted palette of summer “island” colors.

The Victoria Beckham X mango The collaboration, scheduled to be released on April 23, is the latest in a series of projects between the Spanish high street giant and international names including Italian tailors boilInfluencers Camille Charriereand LA brand Simon Miller.

mango said that in addition to “day-to-night” bags, accessories and shoes, the Beckham collection will also include tailoring, dresses and versatile knitwear. Prices will be higher than the usual Mango collection, reflecting “the high quality of fabrics and details” in each piece, the brand said.

The retailer, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, said it has long followed and admired Beckham.

“We always try to choose brands or talents that we admire and that share similar values ​​to us. We love her distinctive style and how she has managed to carve out her own place in the fashion industry. “This collaboration reflects her impeccable style and Mango’s contemporary design,” Mango said.

Beckham described the collection as “sensual, thoughtful and feminine,” adding that her goal in collaborating with Mango was to “reach a broader audience in a way that feels relevant to my brand and maintains my aesthetic” and DNA.

“I am very proud of what we have created together. It feels very modern to bring the two brands together and build on our expertise and I was very impressed with the quality of execution, attention to detail and savoir-faire of the Mango teams,” said Beckham.

Victoria Beckhamright, with Justi Ruano, creative director for Mango Women.

Beckham set out to create “a conscious, modern wardrobe, perfect for the summer months.” There’s a certain cheekiness there, but it’s also very put together. I was inspired by the legendary French film “La Piscine”, especially Jane Birkin’s character and lightness. She’s all about natural beauty, she’s extremely feminine and has a real sense of freedom.”

She described the color palette as “muted, very focused and relaxed, with island tones for a relaxed summer elegance.” Her favorite pieces include slip dresses and tailoring. “I have always played with both the feminine and the masculine and want to offer an easy-going women’s wardrobe that is versatile and wearable,” she added.

In many ways, Beckham was a natural choice for Mango. Their brand has gained traction thanks to the Beckham family’s four-year stay in Madrid David Beckham played football for Real Madrid in the mid-2000s.

“They were a very famous couple long before they lived in Spain and even more so after they lived here,” Mango said. “Their iconic style as a couple has always been very recognizable and appreciated both in Spain and everywhere else.”

Beckham’s business is going from strength to strength, and a deal with a retail giant like Mango will further expand her brand’s reach and potentially open up a new customer base.

As reported, Beckham’s brand achieved net sales of 100 million euros in 2023 due to an average annual growth rate of 35 percent since 2020. Each of the company’s key activities is profitable at the EBITDA level, i.e. earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.

The brand’s first fragrance collection was launched last September and exceeded expectations, and Beckham was recently in Paris opening a new corner in the Galeries Lafayette Flagship, part of an initiative to open shops-in-shops internationally.

Mango is not the first high street brand to enter into high-profile brand partnerships: H&M, Zara and Uniqlo have been working with well-known talents on limited collections for years.

Mango said its collaboration program “pushes the team to develop products from a different perspective and angle than our (in-house) collections.” This allows us to speak to different customers, which definitely adds value and value to the brand gives advantage. Mango’s corporate strategy is strongly focused on strengthening the brand and these collaborations contribute to this goal.”

The retail giant added that it worked with Beckham and her team, “and we believe the collection is a very true reflection of her style.”

Mango said both design teams, led by Victoria Beckham on one side and Justi Ruano, creative director for Mango Women on the other, worked together from the initial mood boards and ideas to the final execution of the pieces.

“There were several meetings in Barcelona and London to ensure that the result was what both teams wanted,” Mango added.

Collaboration between Mango and Victoria Beckham

A look from the new Mango x Victoria Beckham collection.

Viridiana Morandini/WWD

Through collaborations, Mango can improve its offering – and also its prices.

Mango said its client is willing to pay more not only for high-profile collaboration pieces but also for private labels. Higher-priced offerings include Selection, a fashion-forward collection that Mango presents each season, and Capsule, which specializes in “event” dressing.

These and other strategies work.

Mango’s sales rose by 15 percent to more than 3.1 billion euros in the 2023 financial year. At constant exchange rates it rose by 20 percent. Net profit more than doubled to 172 million euros.

The Spanish fast fashion company operates around 2,700 stores in more than 115 markets worldwide; international business accounts for almost 80 percent of sales. The markets with the highest sales are Spain, France, Germany, Turkey and the USA

According to Mango, the US is expected to be one of the top three regions in the coming years.

Mango made its ambitions clear by opening one The Fifth Avenue flagship in 2022and subsequent expansion into the broader US market. The three-story, 22,600-square-foot store at 711 Fifth Avenue wraps around the northeast corner of 55th Street and features women’s items as well as a men’s clothing floor where there is also a tailor shop.

Due to sales momentum in 2023 and to mark its 40th anniversary, Mango has unveiled a new, two-year strategic plan called 4E.

The goal is to achieve sales of more than 4 billion euros in 2026. The company said it would achieve this goal by opening more than 500 new stores and increasing the brand’s value “through sophistication, quality and a unique style designed in Barcelona.” In addition, the plan is to provide “excellent customer service” and consider sustainability as a “core value”.

Mango has thought outside the box, beyond collections and stores. The company opened its first shop in January Robloxwhere users can purchase digital clothing and products from Mango Teen for their avatars.

At the time, Mango said it was committed to innovation and building an ecosystem “capable of offering its customers differentiated experiences, products and services across the physical, digital and virtual worlds.”

Also in January, Mango announced an investment in Flipflow, a market analysis, price monitoring and real-time inventory control startup across various marketplaces. The investment was made through the accelerator Mango StartUp Studio, which launched two years ago.

The accelerator has invested in companies such as Union Avatars, a technology start-up for digital identity and the development of avatars in different styles, and Ziknes, a 3D printing start-up for architecture and design components made from sustainable materials.

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