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Vote for the best concert of the summer

After two dry years last year We returned to the long-awaited regularity of concerts and prepared throughout the winter for an even hotter summer. The unexpected instant sell-off Arctic monkeys and the great return of Guns N’ Roses showed early on that we are on a very good path, the packed venues in Athens confirmed the momentum that had been built along the way and everyone gathered strength for June and July.

The rain didn’t deter us at first, nor did the persistent heat of the previous days deter us. The particularly difficult climate of the last few days, due to the devastating fires and lost lives that have plagued our homes for another year, casts a strong shadow on our souls. However, music has always been there to encourage and inspire us, and it will continue to do so as long as we live and breathe.

Otherwise everything seems to be going well because apart from what we are looking forward to in the coming months, we still have a lot to do two big Coldplay concerts at the Olympic Stadium in June 2024. In anticipation of what is to come, we have summarized the concerts we have attended outdoors in the last two months, without of course downplaying the indoor events and their highlights Convergeand we ask you to vote for the best concert day this summer in the poll at the end of the article.

Athens Festival 2023 Water Square release

Arctic monkeys

Bigger than ever, Release Athens Festival, with its permanent headquarters in Platia Nerou, continued the high standards we have come to expect, spanning three days at the Stavros Niarchos Culture Center. We have experienced countless great moments again and we are looking forward to experiencing even more next summer.

Nightwish, In Flames, Insomnium, Elysion (07.06.23)
Maybe not the best show in the world, but certainly a rare concert experience and the satisfaction of having to wait fifteen years

Helloween, Jinjer, Beyond The Black, Silent Winter (06/17/23)
The pioneers of European Power Metal have made history

Röyksopp, Tash Sultana, M83, OMD, Dub Inc., Groundation, Germany (06/21/23)
The shortest night of the year was the hottest day of the festival

Siouxsie, Interpol, Echo & The Bunnymen, Viagra Boys, Ladytron, The Haunted Youth, In Trance 95 (06/23/23)
Bats, spiders and baby shrimp!

Madrugada, Wet Leg, Baxter Dury, Pink Vanity (06/25/23)
Self-reliance madrugada at the water place

Disturbed, Bullet For My Valentine, Nova Twins, OYD (06/26/23)
Perhaps the best metal festival day from Release Athens 2023 until the next one

Parkway Drive, Soulfly, Triptykon perform Celtic Frost, Skybinder (06/27/23)
Fire and laurel!

Amon Amarth, Kreator, Heaven Shall Burn, Bleed From Within (06/28/23)
Landing of metal hordes on the water square

Stereo Nova, Leftfield, Marva Von Theo, Junior SP (07/15/23)
1853 days after their performance at Stavros Niarchos Park, we finally saw Stereo Nova again

Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, Willie J Healey, Green Was Greener, The Vaxtones (On 07/18/23 and 07/19/23)
If this is the present of rock, then the future will be good
Sunglasses, flash and singing to the last drop

The Prodigy, Primal Scream, Lip Forensics (07/21/23)
A performance that made it clear why Prodigy never disappoints

Wu-Tang Clan, Ocean Wisdom, Taff Wrong (07/28/23)
Wu-Tang Clan is no joke

Guns N’ Roses, Eject, AthensRocks and 4 days of Rockwave

There were some really big events this year, with Guns N’ Roses’ long-awaited concert return generating the most interest and discussion. The wonderful Florence Welch shone again at the hugely successful Ejekt Festival and Ghost confirmed their now top status in the music scene at this year’s highly metallic AthensRocks. Finally, with four days like never before, the Rockwave Festival at Terra Vibe Park laid a solid foundation for its magnificent return to the standards of the past.

Guns N’ Roses, The Last Internationale at the Olympic Stadium, July 22, 2023
Hard rock spectacle: The night the lion defeated the elephant

Eject Festival (Florence & The Machine, Editors, Warpaint, Goat Girl, Royal Arch) @ Water Square, 07/02/23
Heaven is here if you want it

AthensRocks (Ghost, Rotting Christ, Candlemass, Typhus) @ OAKA, 6/25/23
Dad, you superstar! Tobias, you pop star!

Rockwave Festival (Robbie Williams, James Bay, Mika, Jonathan Jeremiah, Leon Of Athens) @ Terra Vibe Park, 07/01/23
Let’s chat

Rockwave Festival (Deep Purple, Saxon, As I Lay Dying, Bokassa, Rock ‘N’ Roll Children, Lazy Man’s Load) at Terra Vibe Park, 07/07/23
We understood very well why neither Deep Purple nor Saxon are coming out again

Rockwave Festival (The Black Keys, Puscifer, Ville Valo, Kishi Bashi, Spektrvm, Frenzee) @ Terra Vibe Park, 07/08/23
An exuberant conclusion to an otherwise uneven concert day

Rockwave Festival (Villagers Of Ioannina City, 1000Mods, Mother Of Millions) @ Terra Vibe Park, 07/09/23
The perfect festival epilogue with worthy representatives of modern Greek rock reality

Technopolis & Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival

The Sisters of Mercy

The Technopolis of the city of Athens turns out to be the second concert pole for the events of the summer after Nero Square, with the main advantages of the location and the very beautiful surroundings. The added benefit of hosting a festival with different stages was highlighted a few days ago with the successful holding of the Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival.

Pavlos Pavlidis & Hotel Alaska @ Technopolis, 06/14/23
No matter how many times this ball turns, Pavlidis will never disappoint us

Nightstalker, Fundracar, Bad Habits @ Technopolis, 06/16/23
Pure rock’n’roll from Greek production

Kim Gordon @ Technopolis, 04/07/23
Girls in a band

Sweet Summer Sun (The Aristocrats, Take Off Collective, NUKeLEUS Trio, Soulstice) @ Τεχνόπολη, 06.07.2
About the appetite, …spinach cake!

Melvins, Vodka Juniors, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs @ Τεχνόπολη, 07/03/23
American mud pioneers came, saw, conquered

Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival Day 1 @ Technopolis, 07/22/23
VNV Nation, Sad Lovers And Giants, Selofan, Lebanon Hannover, κ.ά.
Dance, darkness, bats, fans, on a hot festival day

Death Disco Athens Open Air Festival Day 2 @ Technopoli, 07/23/23
The Sisters Of Mercy, Absolute Body Control, She Past Away, Mecano Un-Ltd., κ.ά.
Spectacular end to the darkest and hottest two days of summer

Herodion rocks!

power plant

The Herodos of Atticus Conservatory continued to rock this summer, hosting artists of a very special caliber who clearly stood out in informal competition with the modern open theaters of the suburbs. In the corresponding article for 2024, we would like to mention the favorite artists who received the baptism of fire of the concert at the Herodeum, but also so that the Lycabettus Theater is back in full play!

John Cale feat. Philharmonia Orchestra @ Herodion, June 19, 23
Eight decades of pioneering work rolled into one and the Velvet Underground titan has put us in our place

The Waterboys @ Herodion, June 22, 23
On a moonless night, Mike Scott’s star shone again

Sigur Ros & London Contemporary Orchestra @ Herodion, 06/27/23
A dream partnership that left mouths open

Power Plant @ Herodion, 07/16/23
Audiovisual spectacle under the Acropolis

Swans, Norman Westberg in Athena And Thessaloniki11.-13.06.23
A prophet, but what a prophet! Life experience!!!

James in Athens and Thessaloniki10.-12.07.23
Show advertising for James, for fans old and new

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