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Vote for the best concert of this summer

Two full years without concerts by foreign artists in Greece was a lot. What’s more: two summers without the big concerts and festivals aren’t a summer. With the arrival of this spring, the club shows finally put us in the concert mood, but what we were waiting for was the unrepeatable June and July storm in the open spaces and at festivals.

Despite the difficult situation, the Greek audience, with great patience, mastered it with great precision, followed the call and had fun with their souls. We fed our missing friends, drank lots of beers and drinks, danced, sang and supported the artists and creators who became meteors from one moment to the next.

In the hope that this two-month period will not be a break but will signal a return to normality, we have collected the concerts we attended in the open spaces We ask you to highlight the best concert day of this summerin the survey that follows at the end of the article.

Athens Festival 2022 Water Square release

Release of Athens Slipknot

The Athens Festival Publication with a firm seat Water place was the reference point in this summer’s concert scene. In twelve days Overall, we heard and saw it all and experienced many great performances, from top artists outside of the rock spectrum to the strongest names in modern metal.

Aside from the artistic part, the biggest prize of the festival was general admission excellent organization In all areas. On this basis, the most important thing is that one has now cultivated Relationship of trust and respect between organization and audiencewhich contributes to the consolidation of the festival culture in our country.

Bauhaus, The Jesus And Mary Chain, dEUS, Strawberry Pills, Youth Valley (08.06.22)
Back to concerts with gothic cool

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Mogwai, Fontaines DC, Sugar For The Pill, Royal Arch (06/15/22)
You can count the cast of this level on one hand

Manowar, Rotting Christ, Rhapsody Of Fire, Meden Agan (06/22/22)
The fantastic Rotting Christ and the legendary Manowar at the first big metal concert after the pandemic

London Grammar, LP, Hooverphonic, D3lta, Daphne And The Fuzz (06/27/22)
Indie Festival Celebration Day

Pet Shop Boys, Thievery Corporation, K. Βήτα, Mazoha, Bobya Cottisha (06/30/22)
Surviving the time of the pandemic, dancing

Iggy Pop, Liam Gallagher, Sleaford Mods, The K’s, The Noise Figures (02.07.22)
Are there rock’n’roll fans in the (fun) house?

Judas Priest, Cradle Of Filth, The Dead Daisies, Black Soul Horde (07/15/22)
Judas Priest Heavy Metal

Clutch, The Hellacopters, Blues Pills, Deaf Radio, ΛΔΛΜ (07/19/22)
If you’re going to do it, do it live on stage or don’t do it at all. And they did it.

Sabaton, Blind Guardian, Epica, Enemy Of Reality, The Silent Rage (07/21/22)
A metal celebration of epic proportions

Slipknot, Sepultura, Jinjer, Vended, Maplerun, Project Renegade (07/23/22)
The most impressive live concert of the summer

AthensRocks, Eject, Rockwave and the big concerts at OAKA

Iron Maiden Athens

We had it first on the remaining days of the festival Eject led by the elders musehis return Rock wave at TerraVibe with a repelled concert Social distortion finally be fulfilled AthensRocks high priority to rock with them Dropkick Murphys. The same organizer is also credited with hosting the biggest concert of the summer, which of course belonged to them Iron Maiden.

His popularity is also noted positively OAK as a second pole in terms of the venues, be it the surrounding area or the stadium where we also saw it Scorpions and an amazing one Alice Cooper. On the other hand, it seems that we do not have a modern space ideal for a large event with up to 40,000 people. With today’s data, only Panathinaikos Stadium could close the gap as long as its capacity remains at this level.

AthensRocks (Dropkick Murphys, Villagers Of Ioannina City, The Rumjacks, Fundracar) @ Athens, 06/13/22
Another confirmation of how good and honest the band Dropkick Murphys is

Eject Festival (Muse, Yungblud, Nothing But Thieves, Danai Nielsen) @ OAKA, 06/29/22
A serious contender for the headlining show of the summer

Rockwave Festival (Social Distortion, Amenra, Allochiria, Rattlesnake, Half Gramme Of Soma) @ TerraVibe Park, 07/22/22
The Church of Ness and Ra

Viagra Boys, Bazooka, $oft $kull @ OAKA, 07/04/22
Fresh blood

Scorpions, Alice Cooper @ OAKA, 07/06/22
Dinosaur with head raised

Iron Maiden, Airbourne, Lord Of The Lost @ OAKA, 07/16/2
The biggest metal concert in Greece until the next one

Technopolis and the open theaters

Beth Hart Athens

In the third concert pole, the Technopolis of the city of Athens, a very nice small to medium capacity venue in the city center that successively hosted Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Gogol Bordello, Kaleo, Fantastic Negrito, Placebo on Rockwave Nights and Within Temptation. The proportion of regional open theaters was smaller, with Beth Hart returning to Byron and Evanescence appearing in Petersburg.

Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets σε Thessaloniki And Athena03.-04.06.22
Astral teleportation to another era

Beth Hart, Alexandra Sieti @ Theater of Rocks Melina Merkouri, 04/06/22
The live performances of the goddess of blues and soul have now become an institution – fortunately also in Greece

Evanescence, Yonaka @ Petras Theater, 5/6/22
The same darkness, eighteen summers later

Gogol Bordello @ Technopoli, 05/07/22
Important artists illuminate the important topics of their time

Kaleo, Junius Meyvant @ Technopoli, 06.07.22
“Rock and Roll Baby”

Fantastic Negrito, Dr. Albert Flipouts One CAN Band @ Technopolis, 07/18/22
An evening with a great deal of musical talent and interpretive instinct, spanning decades of the development of “black” music

Rockwave Nights: Placebo @ Technopoli, 07/21/22
Friends in need are seen

Within Temptation, The Silent Wedding @ Technopoli, 07/22/22
The ultimate symphonic comeback of the summer

Calexico in Thessaloniki And Athena 26.-28.07.22
Another delightful performance from the ever-loved Calexico

Herodion rocks!

Good luck!  Black Emperor

Finally, it seems that the Herodius has been established as an option for the arena’s concert audiences and promoters, with the hope that we will one day see more rock or even metal artists there, whose status and aesthetic fit the old conservatory’s long history. It’s off to a good start and the rockers have shown a number of exemplary behavior in recent years, so we have every right to expect more.

Patti Smith @ Herodion, 6/25/22
Patti still has the power

Desmond Child rocks the Parthenon @ Herodion, 6/27/22
A look back at a great pop career, with its excesses, but also with its good causes

Good luck! Black Emperor @ Herodion, 07/15/22
Magical night, mystical night, dreamy night

Moderator @ Herodion, 07/16/22
An impressive visual and musical evening

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