We listened to Stand United by Firewind - Wishevoke

We listened to Stand United by Firewind

Release date: March 1, 2024

As we try to take a look behind his long and important career Gus G., we could star or worry about a few things. But these are also the facts that we should examine after we have exhausted the obvious.

And the most obvious thing of all is that he managed to talk about his music every time we interacted with him. Fortunately, his musical child Firewind reached the release of the new, tenth album, surpassing that 20 years of solid discography.

The Stand united continues what we started with the previous self-titled album in 2020. In Firewind we had the addition of as a new element Herbie Langhans in the voice (who replaced Henning Basse with the role of backup singer) so that we understand that behind the beautiful songs there is an effort to come into harmony with each other. Be that as it may, Gus’s entire career has taken place in formations in which singer and guitarist are directly linked in terms of composition, work and mutual paving.

In the new album it seems that this form has been worked on more. It is not just Experience of all the musicians in the band, but also all the friction within them trip Promoting the previous record that tied them. As a result we get another solid work, simple and classic Heavy power metal modern sound approach, perfectly implemented and with Gus’ well-known solo skills. 9 new songs and his arrangement Talking In Your Sleep των The Romantics, along with a very different but fitting cover art, is what Firewind delivers in a year that’s expected to be full of new releases. And in this chaos, their proposal is being accepted by an ever larger part of the world. Well done!

The band just finished a joint tour with Masterplan and is planning an American tour this year as well as a tour with Finland’s Sonata Arctica.


Healing Day

Stand united

Fate is calling

The power lies within

Rise up

Fall Angel


Land of Chaos

Talking in your sleep

Days of Grace

Edited by: Vassilis Skurtopoulos / (email protected)

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