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What do we owe to democracy? The answer from the Athens Festival

An artistic partnership in collaboration between the Athens Festival and the Piraeus Municipal Theater will take place at three different landmarks.

Nikos Diamantis orchestrates a creative collaboration platform of more than 30 established artists with the aim of creating synergies and social awareness, with the theme of democracy and the focus on the tripartite health – nutrition – language.

THE this ambitious action, which is a collaboration between the Athens Festival and the Municipal Theater of Piraeus, will take place in three different locations corresponding to the different aspects of the Republic: the Sotiria Hospital (health), the National Library (language) and the Keratsini Fish Scale (food) .

A “Dramaturgy of urgency” with the participation of seven authors, twelve actors, three visual curators and a director. Poets, dancers, visual artists, musicians, philosophers, social structures and foundations are involved.

The performance installation “WHAT DO WE OWE DEMOCRACY / TI OTEILO TSI DIMOKRATI” is an open behavioral museum in which viewers are invited to move in different conditions, spaces and landscapes and to answer questions and answers, taboos and revelations themselves reconstruct.

Director’s note

Democracy is not just a form of government. It is a moral ambition and, above all, a conquest of deep human nature. We are called to remain active, to participate, but also to recognize the essential equality of one another. Democracy implies an ethic of civility between opposing viewpoints. Adhering to this morality becomes much more difficult as views of the common good appear to diverge from social achievements and obligations to future generations.

Ethics, justice, democracy and the environment are open thematic and social commitments for what we owe.

Through the history of democracy and the tradition of social contracts in various intersecting areas such as food, health and language, through the development and ever-renewing breadth of areas such as human life, illness and death, hunger, love, human language, wisdom, communication , modern fields of interaction, public information fields, we ask uncomfortable questions that approach the ideal movement of democracy from the “I” to the community, as well as the open question of the representation of the individual to the collective.

Different sections as it is the FOOD, the BODY and the LANGUAGEas human democratic conquests and developments within human history and related issues such as environmental pollution, the expansion of sexual identity, the new ethics arising from artificial intelligence and web dependencies create open areas of conflict in a modern archipelago.

At the heart of democracy is the movement from self to community, from individual to collective.

Nikos Diamantis

Authors: Ilias Maglinis, Michalis Makropoulos, Glykeria Basdeki, Sofia Nikolaidou, Christos Chrysopoulos, Nikita Siniosoglou, Nikita Siniosoglou.

Actors-Cast: Peris Michaelidis, Mania Papadimitriou, Danae Papoutsi, Homeris Poulakis, Vangelis Rokkos, Yannis Tsortekis, Evelina Arapidis, Andreas Kolisoglou, Aris Laskos, Kostantinos Michos, Elina Papatheodorou, Christos Skurtas.

Visual artists: Babis Venetopoulos, Filippos Tsitsopoulos, Christina Mitrense, Eleni Riga.

Opera singers: Nikos Spanatis, Danae Beri, Sofia Papadimitropoulou.

Curators of the visual exhibitions: Dimitris Trikas (Sotiria Hospital), Nikos Paisios (National Library), Vassilis Zidianakis (Ichthyoskala Keratsiniou)


The State School of Orchestral Arts with Dafni Kokkino

The special education school “Margarita” with Vasias Tsokopoulos and Danai Papoutsis

The agency for spiritual and social support “Pyxida”

Groups of people on the verge of autism with the poet Maria Koulouri

Poetry workshop with Nikos Kourmoulis

The Hatzikyriakeio Child Protection Foundation with Andreas Kolisoglou and Elina Papatheodorou

The Society for the Protection of Minors, the Good Shepherd with Ari Lasko and Mike Glykas

Danae Theodoridou with Rodia Vombolou and Bettina Panagiotara and the poetics of democracy

Antonia Vasilakou and Anna Tsichli with the campaign Redefine the change of democracy

Kostas Bombolos

The Athanasios K. Laskaridis Foundation with the topic of climate change

The Piraeus Municipal Library

The Library of the College of Athens

The Greek Literary and Historical Archives (ELIA)

The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation Library

The painter Thanasis Makris with souls

Antigone Alikakou

Kyriaki Nasioula with the dance group GesamtAtelier with the artistic collaborators Argyris Angelis and Maria Karaoglou and the actors Ioanna Karategou, Tasos Nikas, Evini Pantelakis and Thanos Ragousis.

And Thodoris Gonis with “The Oranges of Epidaurus” and others

Interventions – Fragments: Stavros Zoumboulakis, Andreas Flouris, Michalis Mitsos, Spyros Flogaitis, Nikos Maratzidis. Michael Savvas, Katerina Matsa, Yiannis Stogiannidis, Fotis Vlastos, Antonis Makridimitris, Thodoros Georgiou.

July 5th – 6th – 7th, 2024

July 5th – Sotiria Hospital

July 6th – National Library

July 7th – Keratsini ichthyoscale

Free admission

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