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What’s wrong with Henry the Apricot?

The “green” adventures of Daphne and Thales continues, and this time Henry the Apricot needs their help. What’s wrong with him and what does he need? Watch the second children’s story recently published by Greenpeace’s Greek office and find out for yourself how Daphne and Thales ultimately save Henry.

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In our new, educational and entertaining e-books, our heroes, Daphne and Thales, join our little friends in the “missions” they undertake to save the country’s fruits and vegetables. In their first mission they saved Toula the tomato, and now Henry needs her apricot too! Daphne and Thalis’ goal is to tell us about her Value of proper nutrition and help us understand the importance of consuming local, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Through their adventures, they want to share with us the message of protecting our health and the health of the planet through our diet.

The stories are suitable for children aged 3 to 7 and are sure to please… older children! Purchasing the e-book with a small support from Greenpeace is very easy and is done via the organization’s e-shop. When you add the eBook to your cart and complete the purchase, you can immediately download it to your device in PDF format and receive it via email within minutes.

Every e-book purchase supports Greenpeace’s work to make healthy, sustainable food affordable and accessible to all. So help Daphne and Thalis save Tula, Henry and all the fruits and vegetables!

Enjoy your adventures

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