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When Savatage gave “the best live ever.”

Savatage @ Jezebel’s, Anaheim, CA, 8/26/90

The Internet and YouTube are a very big deal. It has given equal opportunities for incredible joys to those with time to kill, who in another age would have imagined things unimaginable in Midsummer Night’s Dreams.

I probably tried to find old live videos of them at some point Wildnessmainly to see the late and departed musicians play live Criss Oliva (See, for example, his unimaginable highs and lows during a live performance “Sirens” at 1:23) when I came across the video in question.

Obviously there are Savatage live videos that aren’t on YouTube that are probably better, but from what I was looking for, I don’t have a better full live video of the old Savatage with this kind of performance and so many cool ones Found things that need to be taken into account.

To justify the sentence in the title of the article to some extent: This lives on Anaheim, California It’s so funny, it’s unbelievable if someone told me it was like that.the best live ever”I would have a very difficult time convincing him otherwise.

I wanted to write down some facts and thoughts surrounding this incredible concert for a twofold reason. First, today marks the 30th anniversary of the completely wrongful death of Criss Oliva at just 30 years old..

In just over a decade of his cacophony of discography, he has established himself in the consciousness of many one of the greatest metal guitarists of all timeas a composer and soloist, and it is an unimaginable shame that he did not have time to contribute more to music and enjoy the fruits of his talent and labor himself.

Second, move on October 27ththat is, in ten days it will be published For the first time on vinyl the great live album “Ghost In The Ruins – A Tribute to Criss Oliva”with a lavish 12-page insert and three bonus tracks from a 1987 show in Cleveland, Ohio.

So let’s mentally go back 33 years and to the other side of the Atlantic, into the Pacific, on what was probably a warm Sunday evening in August, the opening the video in an adjacent window (and resizing so you can see and read them).

The nightclub Jezebel’s was located in Anaheim the famous county Orange County. The county is located in southeastern California and Anaheim is in the north of the county, approximately 25 miles (40 kilometers) from downtown Los Angeles.

By a devilish coincidence, Jezebel also ceased operations 30 years ago, after having previously experienced legendary moments, as you can read or see Here And Herealthough the capacity is obviously small.

After 1986, Accept, Annihilator, Danzig, DRI, Fates Warning, King’s Soundgarden, Testament, UFO, Violence and Voivod also played there.

Already in 1990 four albums on the mighty AtlanticSavatage played by far the most concerts in a year and toured to promote the amazing “Gutter Ballet” and, predictably, they are closer than ever, as above Johnny Lee Middleton has been with the group for five years and Chris CafferyAs the second guitarist, he loosens his hands Criss Oliva That’s dozens.

With a total duration of 75 minutes and a total of 14 songs, the setlist is fantastic, a real best-of-one Discography with diamonds. But I don’t give it 10 out of 10. To be precise I give it 9.9. I would give a 10 if we were at least equally represented “Hall of the Mountain King” and “Gutter Ballet.” It’s been crazy ever since!

Set list:
City Beneath the Surface (“The Dungeons Are Calling”)
White Witch (“Hall of the Mountain King”)
Of anger and war (“Gutter Ballet”)
She is in love (“Gutter Ballet”)
Mentally Yours (“Gutter Ballet”)
Twisted Little Sister (“Sirens”)
Strange Wings (“Hall Of The Mountain King”)
Rock ‘N’ Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)
Gutter Ballet (“Gutter Ballet”)
Dogs (“Gutter Ballet”)
The Dungeons Are Call
Sirens (“Sirens”)
Power of the Night (“Power of the Night”)
Hall of the Mountain King (“Hall of the Mountain King”)

Jon Oliva: vocals, keyboards, drums, guitar
Chris Caffery: rhythm guitar, vocals
Criss Oliva: lead guitar
Johnny Lee Middleton: bass
Steve Wacholz: drums
Ray Gillen: voice (guest)

The sound is quite good, but not at bootleg level, and the dual-camera edited image is satisfactory, if not that clear. As can already be seen before the addition of the last two tracks by the note “Jezebels proudly presents Savatage”, the video is probably the store’s own production.

Obviously this is no ordinary concert as the first two songs can also be heard late and late Ray Gillen. Gillen was one of the leading singers of his generation. He was a member of Black Sabbath in the era of “Seventh Star” and “The Eternal Idol”, while he particularly shined in terms of recording technology wasteland. He died on December 1, 1993 at the age of just 34 as a result of AIDS.

In a repeat of his participation on the previous album “Hall Of The Mountain King”, Gillen initially shares vocals with Jon Oliva “Strange Wings”. It’s truly tragic to see Ray and Criss, two young, super-talented and successful musicians, side by side on stage, knowing that after about three years they would die just weeks apart.

Back to the good stuff: On the cap, Jon sits down at the drums and delivers one hell of a performance “Rock ‘n’ Roll” with Gillen on vocals. In fact, Criss seems to give him a signal before the solo begins Chris Caffery to bask him, and Caffery is just finishing up and before the track is over, he hugs Criss as a little thank you (it’s no secret how much the Oliva brothers loved theirs). Led Zeppelin).

With the exception of Steve “Doctor Killdrums” Wacholz, who is in a different category, Caffery appears to be the one with the money. He wears a Savatage t-shirt while Criss wears, say, a Batman t-shirt (what a cool guy?). At just 23 years old, at least four years younger than the others, he is living his rock’n’roll dream in his first big job. In the quiet middle section he also does a short stage dive “Sirens”.

From the beginning σαμπαθικό “city beneath the surface” The quintet appear to be in devilish shape, but they call it quits too soon, relentlessly launching into the ultimate, crackling, full-throttle anthem “White Witch” (At the beginning, note the Johnny Lee Middleton jumps).

One of the main reasons I call this live “the best ever” is the appearance of Steve “Doctor Killdrums” Wacholz;as I’ve never seen a drummer hit and hit like that. And I don’t describe anymore, see him and you will understand. Please, if there’s anyone else, let’s talk about it.

Ο John or Olivein a crazy mood and he proves, in addition to the diverse roles he plays flawlessly, that he is also an amazing one Frontman. He’s the funny guy who, without appearing broad, “involves” the audience in the small gaps between the pieces; he doesn’t mince his words when he introduces the pieces Anti-war “Of Rage And War” and “sucks” constantly (please check them Shots which snaps from the front row at 49:50 and 1:08:50).

He also predictably stands behind Wacholz’s hideous drums on the cover of “Rock ‘N’ Roll” and plays left-handed guitar for a right-hander on “Power Of The Night,” handing the mic over to Caffery (we said, kid). Chris is living his dream many times over.

As for the three key players and pillars of Savatage since its inception, Mr Criss It has always been that way and is even more so in this case reserved However, compared to its big brother and Doctor Killdrums, it stands out for its unreal playing and the terrible tone it has always had.

Going back to the live stream: You can’t say that the sounds fit his new tracks at the time “Gutter Ballet” after the terrible start, judging by the public’s reaction. In contrast, the more progressive moods of anthems like “Hounds” and “Gutter Ballet” are chilling.

On the other hand, the “downhill” that comes with it Finale with the four anthems of the same name from the first four albums reminds us of the value of heavy/power metal in our lives. Savatage were pioneers of this idiom and can boast that they are hard to beat, at least in the classic metal sound Killer riffs and killer grooves.

Luckily for us, we were lucky enough to experience something similar 19 years ago in Rodonif that Jon Oliva’s pain They ended their set with the exact same four tracks in the exact same order. As a reminder: the concert in Rodon followed the next day Acoustic show at An Club.

If you’re a fan of Savatage and have never seen this video, you’ll definitely check back from time to time. After about ten years on YouTube, I don’t think it’s in danger of being removed. And because anything can happen in this life, I wish it would be officially released at some pointeven if it doesn’t have better sound or picture. I can’t describe it anymore! Look at that!

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