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Who are Maneskin, the winners of Eurovision 2021?

Within hours, their name went around the world, their faces appear not only in all music, but also in the media and throughout the world that deals with them in any way. Maneskin, from Rome, represented Italy at this year’s Eurovision competition and emerged victorious. The next day the world is divided into two camps. There are those who watch with undiminished interest and those who reject it. What both sides have in common is that they all deal with this issue in one way or another.

Of course, the name Maneskin was unknown to the average Greek until a few days ago. In neighboring Italy, however, things have looked completely different for several years. Damiano David (vocals), Victoria De Angelis (bass), Thomas Raggi (guitar) and Ethan Torchio (drums) knew each other from school and founded the band in 2016. They initially performed as street artists on the streets of Rome and early on They began composing their own pieces. They made headlines in 2017 after appearing on the Italian show “The X Factor,” where they came first and second. The tracks they performed included “Somebody Told Me” by the Killers, “Beggin’” by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, and their own “Chosen,” a composition that mixes pop, rock and funk elements.

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In 2018 they released their debut “Ill Ballo Della Vita”, which climbed to number 1 on the Italian charts and went triple platinum. On the CD we find many different musical elements and songs with Italian and English lyrics. Musically, there are compositions that easily compete with mainstream English-speaking bands such as the Killers and Franz Ferdinand, and others aimed primarily at Italian audiences. However, in this particular country, pop culture is often associated with rock elements, which are easily accepted by a wider audience. You see, there is no kennel there. Plus, a more androgynous style like frontman Damiano’s isn’t as shocking. Of course things are different here in Greece. Bottom line, Maneskin is a mainstream pop/rock band that had the spotlight and had all the qualities to win it.

The triumph came at the Sanremo competition, which automatically represents the country in the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy. This brings us to today, or rather the day before yesterday, where the Maneskins are now the winners of the competition.

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Personally, I’m not a big fan of this event, but I’ve never had a problem watching it, since on the one hand I don’t think it’s right to criticize music that doesn’t concern me, on the other hand you never know where you’ll find something valuable. Let’s not forget that Hooverphonic were also there this year, who of course had no hope due to their style of music. There weren’t many interesting pieces, although I recognized a general 80s trend, both musically and clothing-wise. Of course, there was no lack of classic fatigue, as the jury was always predictable (douche pois and that doesn’t add up). This left the Italians in fourth place until the public vote put Maneskin in the lead.

The unmistakably rocking track “Zitti E Buoni” wasn’t the first we encountered at the Eurovision Song Contest, nor was it the only one at this year’s contest. But it was a piece that deservedly came out on top, both for its music and for Damiano David’s excellent voice. The latter managed to attract attention in different ways. The lyrics of the track essentially demand respect for the “other” and by kissing the guitarist, Thomas showed that he supports his words. And if it bothers you, no one cares. However, you should know that if you saw Jagger kissing Richards in the ’70s, you would have taken it lightly.

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The track was performed again at the end of the competition, this time without the censorship imposed by Eurovision, which does not allow swear words in the lyrics. So here’s a chance to remember all the times a rock band was censored while performing on television. The icing on the cake are the rumors about the singer’s drug use. He rushed to deny the allegations and agreed to get tested. It would be interesting if all other participants took the same test.

Finally, we have a modern story with the triptych “Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll” and Damiano David’s statement that rock ‘n’ roll never dies can only have a positive effect on the music we love. Of course we don’t think Maneskin will save rock, but as in sports, winners bring people with them, and personally it wouldn’t bother me at all if today’s kids started listening to rock because they’re impressed by the look and victory of The Italians were at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Finally, if you are one of those who want to hear more from Maneskin, you can listen to their greatest hits “Back at home” with 110 million views and this year’s second album Teatro D’Ira – Vol. 1, which contains many interesting compositions in addition to “Zitti E Buoni”, which you already know, continues the dynamic course of their debut, but at the same time shows that the Italians want to remain a rock band.

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