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Wishes and songs like in old times in the “Happiness Calendar 2024”

“Wishes and songs” that radiate love, awaken memories and feelings, and evoke nostalgia are brought to life on the pages of the 2024 Happiness Calendar Myrtos Publications to give us optimism, strength and hope.

What are desires, where do they come from and what purpose do they serve? Do desires have power? Is their power real? Is a true wish that comes from the heart more powerful than a thousand words?

What did people used to believe in? Do the wishes they expressed and received express their hope and expectations for a better life? People have always wanted small, large, everyday, important or insignificant events, including in our church sacraments and on feast days. A nice conversation, an encouraging word, two or three spontaneously expressed wishes, words full of tenderness, kindness and optimism were often enough to make those around you feel better.

As we traveled back in time, we discovered true treasures, well-wishes and songs that deserve to be remembered again so that they never fade and are never lost
Our memory and at the same time the path of life, a compass, a beacon of inspiration and knowledge that will enrich the next generations. Health, joy, happiness, blessings…, magical, beautiful words that are contained in the wishes and have an invaluable value in the life of each of us. Let’s collect as many wishes as possible, we need them in every beginning, in every effort. It’s nice to receive wishes, but it’s nicer to send them. Wishes that will bring an optimistic smile to our loved ones and remind them that they are not alone. Make a happy wish now and the magic will unfold. Because good is around us, it is everywhere and it comes into our lives from nothing.

It is published by “Myrtos” in all bookstores

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