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“Yoshiru Yamagushi”: The crazy crime thriller comes to Olvio

Directed by: Michalis Koilakou every Monday and Tuesday.

If there were no darkness, we could not know the light.

After the performance of “The Lathe” and its great appeal to the theater audience, the director Michalis Koilakostogether with his partners Blonde team They attempt a new encounter with the challenging and ingenious stories that he composes and tells us Yannis Kentrotas, his story Yoshiru Yamagushi.

Yoshiru Yamagushi is an eccentric crime thriller that balances drama and comedy, irony and tenderness, truth and lies, macabre and farce.


Heroes who are one step away from stupidity and another step away from being characterized “People next door” They begin an “innocent” but dangerous game that will soon develop into a vicious circle. It centers on a kind giant, Yoshiru Yamagushi, who, after the death of his mother, searches for his Japanese father, who abandoned them when he was a baby, in Lakkospilia, a remote village in the Greek countryside. Behind it lies a whole world full of mud, silence and complete apathy.

The name of the protagonist alone is able to convince us that we are in one comedy, the author’s signature, on the other hand, warns us that we are somewhere else too. With a text that follows a zigzag line and passes through well-hidden focal points, Kentrotas presents a puzzle of relationships, ideas and small personal stories that, intertwined, turn into tragic events. The calm, vast and uniform landscape of Lakkospilia hides many surprises under a thick layer of mud and the viewer is here to discover them one by one.

THE You center yourself, and in this work he proves that he has unimaginable fun in testing the conventions and constants of all theater genres. It tells a story in a way whose center is never where the viewer expects it to be. The intimacy of the familiar alternates with the scent of the unexpected and the clichés are gradually “opened up” with a subtle, almost invisible eccentricity. Starting from a simple, seemingly everyday situation, Yoshiru Yamagushi develops into one Nightmarish and full of traps, a journey into the dark side of Greek society.

Text: Yannis Kentrotas
Director: Michalis Koilakos
Scenery: Anna Sapka, Margarita Jannetou
Costumes: Ifigenia Daudakis
Proposal: Dimitra Efthimiopoulou
Lighting: Giorgos Agiannitis
Original music: Vasilis Tsavaras
Set design: Thodoris Karydis
Photos: Christina Phylaktopoulou
Video: Stefanos Kosmidis
Production organization: Dimitra Efthimiopoulou
Contact: Irini Lagorou
Production: “Xanthias” AMKE

Performing (in alphabetical order): Elissaios Vlachos, Chara Dimitriadis, Maria Baloutsou, Sifis Polyzoidis, Phoivos Symeonidis.

The information
Theater OLVIO
Iera Odos 67 & Falasias 7, Botanikos
Kerameikos metro station
Tel: 210 3414118
Performances: Every Monday and Tuesday, 9:00 p.m
Ticket prices: General admission: €15, students: €12, unemployed/disabled: €8, exceptions for drama schools: €5

Pre sales: more.com

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